How to Maintain a Healthy Diet?

Good that you have decided to visit! Now you will surely want to make sure that you get the desired results. During the first visit toa dietitian in Kolkata, he will collect the information needed to assess and diagnose the dietary needs. Without this, he would not be able to implement a plan to meet health goals.

Health Goals: What are yours?

Do you want to gain weight or lose weight? You need to find the perfect diet for you. The dietitian will clarify nutrition in a way that will enable you to achieve your goals about health. It may be maintaining a healthy diet, managing deficiencies, managing chronic health issues, gaining or losing weight. Some points to discuss with him are.

Healthy Weight Range

There is often a lot of difference between what you want to weigh and what the existing weight is. It depends on height, body type, and other pre-existing conditions. If you aim for a small number, it may lead to malnutrition. If it is high, you could become overweight. Dietitians can tell what should be the right weight range.

How Much to Eat?

When it comes to foods, many factors decide how much you should eat. Age, gender, and activity level all have an impact on how much an individual should consume. Portion sizes and calorie counts are based on these factors.

What is the Right Diet for Me?

Specific diets and health conditions require that you substitute common foods like meat, dairy, and other food items from the diet. Sometimes common symptoms like dizziness or an upset stomach point to more significant problems. These can be improved by simple changes in the diet like low iron or high cholesterol. The dietitian can create a meal plan that works for you.

Provide a Meal Plan That Works

Many dietitians include meal planning. A well-developed meal plan can keep you healthy and fit. It is also stepping forward to identify eating habits and lifestyle. If you have allergies, discuss it with a dietitian so that he can develop a safe and realistic meal plan that fits the schedule and lifestyle too. Moreover, they can give tools so that you can stick to the meal plan.


When you are going to meet a dietitian in Kolkata, these things should be kept in mind. Follow the advice given and take meals as per the plan. Use the tools to stick to that plan.a

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