How to improve your reflexes and gaming performance

If you are a fan of video games , you probably have a good range of gaming products . We all like to win, but not everything depends on having powerful hardware or next- generation gaming peripherals , but after all, the performance you have in games will depend almost exclusively on you, as a user. So, in this article we are going to give you a series of tips so that you can improve your performance as a gamer without having to buy anything. Try this AE Gaming just for fun.

In today’s games, especially in eSports or those that have a competitive multiplayer mode, being able to be focused, and that you can think and move fast are essential to achieve victory. Obviously the hardware must accompany and be consistent with this, but today we are not going to enter into it but rather in your person, as a gamer user, since as we have mentioned before after all, if you do not “have hands”, you will hardly be able to get to To be competitive.

The routine that will improve your gaming performance

If when you go to play you are tired, you have not slept well, you are cold, hungry, too hot and a long etcetera, your performance while playing will be seriously affected. That is why it is essential to maintain a good routine, in part to improve your health, which will allow you to be 100% to be able to concentrate and think better to win your games.

Your arms and hands are your most important tools when you play. Either with keyboard and mouse or with a controller, if your fingers are too stiff it will affect your ability to react, so a good practice is to stretch and strengthen your hands and fingers.

Look for movements that relax the joints and ligaments in your hands and arms. A great example is the “prayer” stretch, in which you press your palms and fingers together with your elbows pointing outward, holding the position for at least 30 seconds while pushing your connected hands down to stretch your wrists.

Specific finger exercises are also a good habit to improve your gaming performance. The simplest but really very effective example is the so-called thumb extensor stretch: all you have to do is place your thumb against the palm of your hand and wrap the rest of your fingers around it, then gently bend your fist to the side of pinky.

These are all exercises that you can do throughout the day without even thinking about it. However, as they point out in the video above, none of them are supposed to hurt; don’t push your joints beyond their limits and, if you feel pain, stop immediately and see a doctor.

Improve your reflexes with specific games

It’s not all about being in good physical shape and health, but in the end reflexes are also largely a state of mind, and the best way to improve your reflexes is simply by training. What you need for this are specific playstyles that hone skills like precision, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking while under pressure.

The fast paced first person shooter games are perfect, especially when you need to cooperate with other players. These types of games require great reflexes and a lot of hand-eye precision, so even if your goal is to improve for example in a MOBA-type game, playing FPS-type games will also improve your performance in these.

This may seem absurd, but if you are looking to improve your gaming performance in a specific game, sometimes training in a completely different game will help you not to improve in that specific game, but to improve your reflexes and ability to think when under pressure. .

Other tips to improve your gaming performance

Of course, there are many other factors besides warm-up and good health that will help you perform your best when you play:

Avoid distractions : when you want to have maximum concentration, you should always avoid having distractions around you such as things that move (objects, a window, the TV, light source, etc.), and this includes noises, so play with Headphones are always a good idea to help you stay focused.

Maintain good posture : many times we have talked about the importance of having a good posture to avoid pain and fatigue. When you want to improve your gaming performance (or simply be at the best of your possibilities), fatigue is your worst enemy.

Keep your hands warm : the cold can not only be very annoying, but also reduce your ability to react. When it comes to playing, as we mentioned before, your hands are your tools, so keeping them warm is essential.

Always have water on hand : staying hydrated is essential to be in good condition. If you are thirsty, your body will not only not be at the maximum of its possibilities, but you will also be thinking that you are thirsty and it will take away your concentration in the game.

Don’t let your hardware leave you in the lurch : although in this article we are telling you how to improve your gaming performance without spending money, we assume that you have hardware that is up to the task. If your PC is jerking you or if your mouse is not precise enough, it will not matter if you are in perfect physical condition because you will not be able to achieve the best performance.