How to get your Ajman free zone license 

For the past few years, UAE has gained the reputation of a thriving business landscape.  There is no doubt that a zero percent tax on personal and corporate income and strategic location in the Emirates makes the Ajman an ideal place to set up any business. The free zone, ability to repatriate 100% of your profit and CapitaLand no currency restrictions have made it easy for so many people to do business here in Ajman internationally.

Ajman free zone was established in 1988. It offers top of the line facilities and a progressive infrastructure to start any Ajman free zone company setup. Local and international entrepreneurs can equally benefit from Ajman free zone company setup because it is well-connected to several seaports, airports, and highways. If you are looking to set up business in Ajman, then here is your short guide on how to get your Ajman free zone license by Trade License Zone. 

When you are looking to do business in a company formation then it involves 5 major steps. Try hiring company like Trade License Zone to help you out with the procedure.

  • Figure out your business

If you are going to set up a profitable business company then you need to conclude your business activities. These include accounting, consultancy, trade, marketing, transport, IT, and hospitality.

  • Company name

You need to come up with the name for your Ajman free zone company setup. This one is tricky because there are different rules and regulations for naming a company in Ajman than the rest of the world. If you hire Trade License Zone services, our experts can navigate a solution that works for you.

  • License application

The next step is to make your license application. Different businesses can take different procedure and time duration to be processed. You will be required to submit a few documents for this though. A local agent or expert can help you make a better application so that you can get your license as early as possible.

  • Apply for a visa

Once you get the license of Ajman free zone company setup then you can apply for any type of visa. You can also apply visas for your spouse, children, and employees.

  • Open a corporate bank account

Opening a corporate bank account is the last step after acquiring a license. A local expert can guide you better in this step. So hire local agency Trade License Zone to figure out what works best for you.

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