Four Surprising Benefits of Back Exercise You Should Consider

It’s no secret that regular exercise and activity is beneficial to your overall health, but have you ever explicitly thought about your back?  Many individuals have specific reasons for including back workouts in an exercise routine, such as building strength and size, helping combat discomfort and pain, or wanting to have more functionality as they begin to age. Here are a few reasons why it’s to your advantage.

Your Back Muscles Work Interdependently 

The muscles in your back have a primary function to keep your body upright. It’s best not to think of your back in isolation, as it affects other muscle groups in the shoulders and arms as well as your abdomen. Focusing your back allows other parts of the body to get secondary work, meaning much of your body can benefit. It’s also the foundation of a solid core, which can help improve mobility.

Back Exercise Can Help Breathing

You may have never realized that effective back workouts can have a significant effect on how comfortably you’re breathing. If you’ve felt like it’s challenging to breathe deeply, it could be because you have poor posture. With weak back muscles, you’ll find it increasingly harder to stand up tall. When you’re hunched over, it can feel like you’re constantly gasping for air. Getting more oxygen circulating through your body will make you feel more energized, and you’ll feel a whole lot better too.

The Aesthetic Benefits

Focusing on your back not only has health benefits, but you’ll look great too! Over time, you can achieve the smaller waistline you’re looking for and have the impressive V-shape that is worthy of a second look. A healthy back not only gets noticed, but it can also instantly improve your confidence. You’ll walk and move with more grace, and others will take note. Whether you’re getting fitted for a new swimming suit for the beach or putting on a suit for a job interview, training your back muscles will improve your overall mental and physical well-being.

Age Gracefully, Not In Pain

One of the hallmark signs of the aging process is having a postural stoop. The spine is comprised of bones and the cushioning in between, called discs, and over time they can breakdown. Also, lower back pain is a common condition for adults as they get older. You can take a proactive approach by including some of these exercises in your back workouts.

  • shoulder squeezes
  • bent over rows
  • lat pulldowns
  • seated rows
  • superman (lying face down on the floor)
  • bridges

As you can see, having a strong back is a critical element for your overall fitness and vitality. It can go a long way in maintaining the fountain of youth.

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