Finding the Perfect Dock Box

One of the best ways of tidying up your messy dock, and safely storing your boating accessories while they are not in use is through a dock box. This greatly assists in reducing your dock clutter and makes it a lot easier in locating the stuff you need. Dock boxes assist in helping you store your life rings, life jackets, flotation devices, life preservers, as well as other life-saving tools from being exposed to the harsh ultraviolet rays, moisture, chemicals, dust, insects, salt and temperature extremes. Typically, they are available in various colors and size dimensions.

Factors to consider

Though they all perform a similar function, different people have different needs when it comes to selecting the appropriate dock boxes. For one size matters. You need to purchase your box according to the amount of equipment as well as the size available on your boat. For another, you must ensure that the box is able to withstand the various corrosive elements it might be exposed to. Therefore, ensure that the material used is durable enough. Another factor is the price. You need to go for a box that is within your budget. Below are some of the options currently available in the market, and what to expect from them:

The standard dock boxes

Standard dock boxes such as those provided by Mobox Marine are among the simplest and most stylish solutions when it comes to the storage of fishing or boating equipment. This box is spacious enough to take in all your nautical odds and ends in addition to a strong and durable build. Such sturdiness enables it to withstand extreme weather conditions while you are out at sea. These boxes begin from volumes as large as eight cubic feet. Get yourself a standard box of this kind to boost the elegance of your marina.

Slimline series

If you are seriously running out of space, then you would be better off sampling the Slim Line Series for the ideal dock box. This category of dock boxes provides you with enough space to store your fishing and boating equipment as per your needs. What’s more, it doubles up as a splendid outdoor sitting area thereby allowing your guests to soak up the sun.

Regardless of whether you are out on a fishing expedition or just enjoying a good time on your boat, the slimline series of dock boxes have both an inviting and a tidy look. It is arguably the best option in terms of eradicating the clutter on your marine dock. You can find various size configurations within the slimline series. Such include lengths such as three inches, four inches, six and eight inches.

Fiberglass cabinets

Fiberglass cabinets are usually used to store marine and fishing equipment. Fiberglass is a durable material that ensures your marine equipment locker does not tarnish or deteriorate like metal cabinets. What’s more, the device is well capable of holding nearly all brands of flotation equipment. The large opening for easy access and entry offers splendid protection from all kinds of harsh conditions such as salt, sand, water and the sun.

No matter the type of dock box you choose, most of them are usually versatile. This means that they can fit almost anywhere. In addition to making appropriate deck storage facilities, they can also be utilized within garages, as poolside storage boxes, in the backyard or even in the barn. Therefore, it mostly depends on your size requirements. 


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