Factors You Might Overlook When Choosing or Building a House


As with all things in life, you have your preferences. This applies even to major life decisions such as choosing the location of your house. You can get the services of a land surveyor if you want to get into the technical details such as the size of your prospective lot. You may be building or picking out your future home, where you will stay for—who knows—how many years. It is best for you to look at it from different angles to make sure that all of your expectations are met. These are factors that are not initially noticeable but could have some impact in the long run.


Why should you care about elevation? You may never know when the next flash flood will happen. It is best to be in an area that is high enough so that it will not be affected by a flash flood. But when you are searching the market for a property, expect that you will be shown all its good traits. You may never know about the flaws or negatives of it either because you will never be told about those or the realtors just plain do not know about it. 

When it comes to being flood-prone, this may never surface until you have spent a few years living in the area. A highly-elevated land area would be favorable to those who do not want to deal with such a natural disaster. But if you do not have much choice, you need to work around this. If you are building a new house, you can make your foundations raised high enough so that water won’t get in. You also have a robust drainage system outside so that there is a place for the flood to go to.


Not all streets are straight. Some are sloped, and if you are a builder, this could prove to be a challenge to your plans. You would have to make the house’s foundations be offset to the angle of the lot or street. One part of the house that could be the most affected is the garage. It will not be a problem if the angle is not too steep. But if that is the case, you will also have to figure out how to fix the entryway if you choose to force to level the floor area of the house straight.

Block Position

This is a matter of preference. If your lot is sandwiched in between two others and have another one behind you, you will have one side of the house facing the road. You’d better make sure that the facade is as beautiful as it can be because you have only one shot at it. Being at the corner lets you showcase two sides of the house. Designing could take twice the amount of effort, but it gives you more variety. Some like to be in the cul-de-sac. Depending on the community, this lets them use the street as a free area to park their cars or hold outdoor parties.

Your desire to own a house may be stronger than your preferences. That is just fine. If you want to make your dream of having your own home come true, you will also need to set your priorities. 



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