Everything you should know about the girl child education:

Education is the fundamental rights of every child but the situation in India is dreadful because girls in some parts are not given the option of attending the school. According to the constitution of India, education is basic rights for both boy and the girl child. Many people in the society denying education to a girl child that put humanity to shame. If you invest in girl’s education, they feed their self, their children, their community and their nation. Girl child’s education is the first stride towards the wholesome development of a country.

Reason for the lack of girl child education: 

There are so many reasons against the girl child education India. Let’s discuss the reasons,

View of society: According to the society, education for girl child is a waste of time and money. Educating a girl child would mean paying a heavier dowry for their marriage. The pursuit of education is not encouraged as a girl child has the burden of domestic responsibilities. Girl child has to these kinds of ridiculous societal norms.

Problems in the family: basically the birth of the girl child has frowned in a few parts of India. Mostly peoples in rural are believed that education for girl child is worthless. For these peoples, girls are believed to stay at home to take care of household chores and then get married at a small age.

Financial Struggle: Many families in India earning are enough to feed their children and that cannot afford education for a girl child. According to the family, educating a girl child is seen as a waste of money.

Education schemes for the girl child: 

Both the central and state government of India takes more effort to promote education for the girl child. On the basis of the Right to Education Act, all-girl children are entitled to free education till 8th standard. The government also launched new schemes such as Beti Bachao, Bati Padhao. Several states governments in India provide free education for the girl child and also free textbooks, education loan. Sukanya Samridhi Yojna helps girl child to obtain a formal education.

Benefits in the education of girl child:

Future generation education: first teacher of every child id their mother, if the mother gets educated, they will make the community stronger and more developed. If education is given to girl child then it results in the education of the entire nation.

The decrease in Child marriage: Educated girl Childs understands their worth and they will not give in for early marriage, demand for dowry, sexual, aborting a female fetus and domestic abuse.

Participation in the political process: Women are a great homemaker and they are also great leaders. Education of the girl child allows them to step out their houses and participates in discussions, decision-making process and etc.

Educating a girl child will solve many societal problems and this because women will not tolerate atrocities upon them. Education helps the girl economically independent and also helps to know their rights and women empowerment, this helps girls to fight against the problem of gender inequality. Country development depends on girl child education.


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