Everything you should know about electric cables:

The world cannot run without the help of electricity. Electricity is the most important one in this growing world. In this 21st century, all the things are successfully running with the help of electricity. Even from home to industries, all the sectors were working at the help of electricity. Without this, no one will complete their works in time and also not in a perfect way. Most of the electric things will be useful in various ways namely electric cables are the one which connects more insulated conductors in one rope. It is mainly used for electrical use at home or in some electrical places.

An electric cable is an assembly of two or more insulated conductors having an overall covering. An electric has two or more insulated conductors which are covered by a protective jacket. Several types of cables are manufactured for some specific actions. Cables which are used for commercial and industrial include low voltage, high voltage, branch circuit etc. There are many types of cables which are used for particular actions. Electric cables like 3 core flat cable are mainly used for pump connections.

The sheath in the cable is made out of resisting tough and difficult outdoor conditions and excellent in resistant to water. And there also cable called XLPE power cable which is used prominently in buildings pipe works, domestic pipe works, and high voltage electric cables. XLPE cable or cross-linked polyethene is a thermoset insulated material. Polyethene material has excellent dielectric strength, high insulation resistance and a low dissipation factor; it is limited in its temperature range.

Types of electrical cables:

  • Single conductor cable:

These cables are the high probable safest cables because they were highly recommended in hazard-prone areas. These cables will connect a single conductor that is made of copper wires and it is better in insulation. Coaxial cable is the best example for a single conductor cable.

  • Non-metallic sheathed cables:

The non-metallic sheathed cable is a type of covered electrical wire consists of at least two insulated conductors and one bare conductor used in residential areas. It is also called as Romex or NM cables. It is the most used electrical cable in homes.

  • Armoured cables:

These are the cables which are used for transferring the data at high speed. It is commonly known as Steel Wire armoured Cable ( SWC) is power and auxiliary control cable designed to use mainly for electric supply. It is also used for cable networks, power networks, underground systems and cable ducting.

  • Low voltage cables:

Low voltage power cables are constructed of solid, rigid or stranded, copper and aluminium conductors. It is flexible that is bare or pin-plated copper conductors. Low voltage is defined as 50 volts (V) or less where common voltages are 12 V, 24 V and 48 V. It is normally used for doorbells, alarm systems sensor and controls, heating and cooling thermostats, household batteries etc.

  • Communication cables:

Communication cables are usually digital, which is used to transfer data from one point to another for faster communication. They are mainly used for communication in residential and commercial areas.

Other useful cables:

Not only have these lists given a brief explanation about the electric cables. There are also commercially used cables like 3 core flat cable and XLPE power cable which are used in building constructions for pump connections and they also used in homes.

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