Establishing A Business In Dubai As A Foreigner: Things to Learn

For the tax system & efficiency, the UAE has become one of the leading countries for offshore company formation. It’s no secret that numerous foreign entrepreneurs select Dubai to set up their offshore businesses.

But as a foreign business owner, establishing an offshore business in Dubai might be a complex affair. On this note, let’s highlight the common facts and facets to learn before a foreigner wants to open offshore company in Dubai.

Double Tax Arrangement

DTA or Double Tax Agreements are the tax treaties signed between countries (two or more). They offer tax relief for businesses where the total income increases from the cross-border financial activities occurring between 2 jurisdictions. The UAE has signed DTA with over 40 countries. Thus, having a wide network of DTAs promotes its global competitiveness on business fronts. It’s one reason why setting up an offshore company in Dubai becomes advantageous for foreign entrepreneurs.

Zero Taxation

One of the most significant benefits of registering an offshore company in Dubai is having zero taxation. And it goes without saying that Dubai is 100% tax-free, meaning that the offshore companies here don’t need to pay personal or corporate income tax. The offshore companies neither have to pay the value-added taxes, besides:

  • Taxes on their capital gains
  • Withholding taxes
  • Export and import taxes

In addition, imposing no trade barrier quotas and foreign exchange controls will repatriate profits. Thus, Dubai’s legally minimised taxable obligations make it a perfect jurisdiction to open a business. It allows companies to enjoy considerable cost savings.

Social Conditions Are Ideal

According to rankings, the UAE is the third safest country for its low crime ratings alongside an enhanced security system. Dubai enjoys a strong reputation as a secure city attributed to the punishments alongside well-publicised convictions. Dubai’s increased level of safety provides offshore businesses with peace of mind. Also, establishing foreign businesses in Dubai will earn business owners the UAE Residency Visa.

Free Trading Zones

Dubai consists of over 30 FTZ or free trade zones. These zones offer tax concessions & customs duty advantages to the enterprises operating in FTZs. In addition, DFZC or Dubai Free Zone Council, offers an array of lucrative tax & regulation benefits, thereby stimulating and catalysing company growth.

The council recently has reviewed significant steps to reduce the incidence of illegal activities like tax evasion and money laundering. All these reasons further strengthen the commitment of the city to build a positive financial environment, thereby positioning it as an ideal jurisdiction for foreign business owners.

Business Confidentiality

Offshore business registration in the UAE offers confidentiality while conducting any business operation. Until and unless companies worry about illegal activities(like money laundering), publishing the financial data isn’t compulsory. Enterprises can protect their assets from third parties and creditors. Thus, secrecy is a major benefit an entrepreneur enjoys when they plan to open offshore company in Dubai.

A foreign business owner can enjoy Dubai’s superb infrastructure and excellent shipping connections. Combined with a secure environment, it’s no secret that the UAE is the right destination for offshore company formation. To get an in-depth insight into offshore company formation, connect with Emirazbiz.