Does a PG arrangement for girls needs to have round the clock assistance

What is the main reason for opting for a ladies PG in Koramangala. The telling fact in this regard has to be the safety and security aspect. Even for the entire apartment or building security arrangements have to be spot on. When it is a PG accommodation for girls, the safety along with security has to be on topmost of the agenda. The main aim of the security services is no person loiters on to the unattended area of the premises. Their access is restricted by the staff at the entry point.

The other benefits

Apart from this even when a girl is alone at home she is aware that safety in terms of physical harassment and threat is provided. Since most of the girls like to live alone away from their friends, so safety in terms of PG for ladies in Koramangala is desired. Apart from security there are several other pointers or conditions that a pay guest seeker must consider before they plan to move on to a guest house.

Generally there is no agreement on the lease in terms of duration of stay in the paying guest. But the people who are staying at the PG needs to ensure that there is an understanding or an agreement that they need to be staying for a specific duration of time at a given place. During that period of time the landlord cannot force the tenant to leave the accommodation at any point of time.

Any facilities that evolve at the PG needs to be part of the package from the services point. This is what a student or a professional goes on to pay every month. In certain cases there are a lot of additional amenities that are provided to the PG tenants at no additional cost. In most cases the facilities are not needed but they might cost more. This is apart from the basic facilities on offer, the owner purposely adds up these services so as to increase the cost of accommodation to a considerable degree.

As a guest you need to have clarity on what are the basic facilities along with the additional facilities that are on offer. In fact the basic facilities provided are part of the basic rent. When you are negotiating for pay guest rooms, the guest needs to have an assurance from the landlord that this form of additional facility is not going to imposed to the guest without the need of their consent.

Considering all these viewpoints even the PG has gone on to formulate a set of guidelines. There are certain PGs that want the candidates to serve a one month notice before they vacate the premises. In such cases the owner returns back the security amount. As a guest you need to be clear about the notice period which means that there is no form of misunderstanding when you move out from the guest house.

To conclude when you are choosing a PG for a girl, keep the following points in mind.

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