Denver cuisine – A mix of colors and flavors

Denver is the capital city of Colorado and is one of the biggest metropolitans of the US. This city is home to many artists as well as elite class of the country. Known for the mansion of Titanic survivor Molly Brown, this city also has various interesting points important from tourism point of view such as amphitheater, museum, and churches and so on. But, it is the cuisine of the city that shows its true cosmopolitan nature by having influences from various famous cuisines of the world such as Mediterranean, European and so on.

Food Tours Denver offer classic way of trying these delicacies while soaking the interesting stories behind the development of recipes. These tours are incomplete without a quick bite of these Denver’s specialties:

Colorado Lamb:

The lamb in this part of the world is reared mostly for the meat than the wool and it rightfully forms the best part of any meal of the day. Best of the flavor coupled with the flawless texture offers truly organic diet. It certainly is a must-try!

Rocky mountain oysters:

Far away from what the name indicates, this dish actually is made of Bison’s testicles. Developed as fries and made crisper using frying and roasting methods, these oysters are quick bites that you can grab during the walking tour. These quick foods taste best with pickle and side dips.


These are open sandwiches having mackerel as its main ingredient. It is embellished further with curried onions and garlic aioli.

Hot Stone Stew:

The specialty of this dish is that the fish is cooked right at the table with the help of a 600-degree hot stone. Thus, freshness of this fish comes to you all unadulterated. The other ingredients of this stew are shrimps, vegetables and halibut. You can add crunch to it with the help of tortilla chips.

Apart from this, your day will get its high in the form of a secret drink made using in-house recipes developed by the families of some areas of the city. So, take a break and rush to Colorado when you want to get your taste-buds satiated with the lavish flavors of this part of the world.

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