Defence of Ancients – from forming the team to recruiting the members

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Are you all geared up to be playing Defense of the Ancients player? Well, one of the most important skills that anyone playing this game should have is teamwork.

Before you enter any team and start placing your bets on anyone, you need to learn the basics of Dota 2 teams, specifically, how they are formed and how their ranking system works.

Forming the Best Dota 2 Team

As soon as you, as a player, enter the steam to play the Defense of the Ancients 2, you will be split up into two categories – the Radiant and the Dire. Initially, it does not matter which category you are part of, you would always have four other teammates, and each of those people have their own set of skills. However, as players become more experienced, their skills are more sharpened and hence their Dota 2 team rankings increase too.

Recruiting a Member

Everyone must be a part of the team, but then again, not everyone is part of the best team in the world. The steam gives you many options, you can either start by choosing your own squad as your team, or you can always join another team. Just go to the recruitment page and see which are the two best Dota teams and then apply to be their member.

Improving the Dota 2 Team Ranking

The ranking is very simple in these games – the higher your rate of success is, the better are your ranks. The more of the map you conquer, the better chances you have to get the best Dota 2 team title. Any team that has the best score at the end of the game, wins the grand prize.

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