Complete Guide For A Deaf Frenchie: How You Will Handle If You Have Got A Deaf Dog

The people are facing problems regarding the dogs. Whenever you have bought it, the person in charge may tell you that the dog is completely healthy. But when you take It Home, you firstly may not notice that it has some problem but later notice it gradually. There are many cases where the owner had found that their Frenchie dog is there, but they hadn’t noticed it when they were buying the dog.

What are the symptoms of dog deaf?

Firstly you will notice that your dog is very clingy. Clinginess is the general habit of a French bulldog, but in this case, your dog will be very clinging, and it will not leave your side for even a single second. Apart from that, another important things that you should know about these friendly dogs are that they will not respond to you properly because there totally deaf.

Here is a complete guide for a deaf Frenchie

  • The Frenchie dog would generally sleep like a stone despite of very loud noises.
  • They will respond to touches very vividly rather than other dogs. Whenever somebody is touching them from the back, they will jump and being surprised.
  • A Frenchie dog would pay attention to its owner’s hand gestures rather than what he is saying because they cannot listen so by the hand gestures they try to take the instructions.
  • They make eye contacts to understand what its owner is trying to say.
  • They would ask for a lot of attention, and they may panic when you are not around.

How one can train a deaf Frenchie dog

You may find it difficult, but once you start training him properly, then it won’t be that difficult any longer. This kind of dogs is quite sensitive in nature, and as they have a deformity, there will be extra clingy towards its owner. While training a deaf dog, you will require special accessories like a dog collar or dog harness for your dog.

Buy the French bulldog harness

If you are against collars, then you can buy French bulldog harness which must have a tag saying that it’s dead and that’s how people will be more sensitive towards it. It is not possible for an outsider to identify if your dog is deaf or not that’s why to take extra care and these kinds of accessories will help you in taking the dog outside.

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