Choosing a 3D printing company

If you are in a business that requires printing; could be in mass or small scale, then you need to get a serious printing company that will ensure you get your work perfectly done. Printing is no longer the same as it were a few years back- customers are easily captured by what they see and that’s why the world has gone 3D. Thus when you’re looking for someone to print your business materials, you have to choose a company that offers 3d printing services with the right equipment and manpower.

Continue reading this article and see qualities to look out for in a 3-D printing company

How is their customer support?

3-D is what you need but could be a new phenomenon to you. Thus you need to get a company where customers are valued. The support team should give you the relevant information on the subject and advise you on how to do better in your project. A good company will listen to your needs, assess and take you through suggestions that would better the project. Whatever prototype you need; whether appearance or a functional one, it is important that you do enough research, shop around and ask for referrals. Any inconsistency in the customer support team could mess your entire project and thus a reason enough to keep you off and seek for an alternative.

Check out their work samples and reviews

The word of mouth or a mere advert may not work for you especially when it comes to serious projects that involve 3-D printing. You need evidence that the company is indeed operational and that they are good at their art. Ask for samples of work they have accomplished before, compare several of them and be honest in your judgment. Be keen on their 3-D printouts and confirm whether it’s something you’d prefer. As you walk through them with their support team, you’ll notice if the company could be having problems covered up in lots of talking and offers. .  A company may exaggerate their printer resolution or dots per inch by showing exaggerated works online – doing a physical check ensures that you feel the material to understand the quality.

 Samples may not be enough, you need to go ahead and check out their website for customer feedback in the review page. Sample a few responses; both positive and negative and then make a determination. Reviews help you to get the experience that other people have gone through with the service provider.


Price and TAT

When it comes to 3-D printing, you’re not looking for the cheapest or less costly company, nope. All you need is quality that gives you value for money. Thus you should be ready to pay for the service you get and mostly, a 3d printing Service Company that offers quality services will charge a little higher than the others. This doesn’t mean you should overspend, but you need to be ready to pay for quality. Be sure also before you pay of the turnaround time (TAT), you could pay for quality and the guys mess you up in their delivery.

When choosing a 3-D printing company, it is important you get a professional who has the skill, experience and a reputation of doing excellent work. Again, do some good research online; ask business partners or friends for referrals.


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