Celebrate boxing day with your furry pal

With the festive season fast approaching, it is important to remember that it’s also Christmas for your dog. While Christmas day may be hectic, you should always find some time to spoil your furry best friend.

The best time to spoil your dog over Christmas is on boxing day. Boxing Day can be spent having a little day where you can spoil your best friend and get him involved in the festive activities. In this post, we are going to be looking at a few ways you can give your bestie an amazing furry Christmas.

A Boxing Day Walk

It is important to remember that Christmas day can be quite an overwhelming time for your dog. With the festivities generally comes visitors, excited children and from time to time, the dreaded firework. All of these things can cause issues for pup, so it’s important to get him settled again as soon as possible.

The best way to treat your little buddy first is by taking him for a walk and letting him see the Christmas lights around the neighbourhood. Dogs love to look at things that flash and twinkle, so a simple walk can be a great way to treat your doggy on boxing day.

Bake Some Treats For You Both

If there is one thing that is deserved for you and your puppy on Boxing Day, it’s some home-baked goods.

There are some amazing recipes out there for some doggy treats that you can bake along with some treats for yourself. Even if your doggy is on a strict diet, it’s important to remember that they have probably had a stressful time over the festive season, so a little treat will be well deserved.

Don’t Forget A Gift For Doggo.

If there is one thing every pet owner should remember at Christmas, it’s that even dogs deserve a present at Christmastime.

If you get onto the internet, you can find some fabulous treats for dogs, and you can even have a look for some incredible dog bundles. Treats for dogs doesn’t necessarily have to mean toys, looking at something as simple as pet food UK, can make your dog and very happy little canine.

Sit Down And Watch A Movie Together

While it may sound crazy, many dogs love nothing more than sitting down with their owner in front of the TV and watching a great little movie.

Now, let’s not misunderstand here, dog’s aren’t going to understand the plot twists, and they probably won’t care much for character development. Dogs will, however, love the flashes and sounds, so why not kick back on the sofa with your furry canine best friend and watch 101 Dalmatians. You will be surprised at how much pooch enjoys it.

We know that Christmas is a busy time of year, but it’s important that your dog feels safe and secure while things are so different. Many dogs are creatures of habit, so if their routine is broken, it’s a nice idea to set some time aside to make your best friend feel happy and comfortable.

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