Can Mold Kill You?

You know that there are various types of mold and that mold can be harmful, but you don’t know to what extent.

You may have even eaten a cut of bread just to find that there was mold on it, however, nothing damaging occurred. What are the negative effects of staying around the mold? Is mold harmful? Could mold kill you? The specialists at Home plus restoration have answers to your questions.

Different Types of Mold

Green Mold

Green is the most widely recognized color of mold. A scope of greens can reveal to you various things about the mold you have, including whether it’s harmful or not.  Dull green molds have been known to cause sinus, eye, and skin diseases and can even cause brain infections.

Greenish blue molds are commonly found on foods and might not have negative impacts unless you are allergic to it.

Blue or White Mold

This type of mold usually grows on food or on the walls of homes. Like the green mold that grows on food, you may not have a negative reaction to this type of mold unless you specifically have an allergy to it. However, breathing in spores from the mold can eventually cause respiratory diseases. That’s why prevention is better than cure.

Black Mold

This is the most dangerous type of mold. Black mold has been linked with severe health conditions like lung bleeding and memory loss. If you see black mold in your home, it’s best to call a mold expert as soon as possible to remove it for you.

Negative Effects of Mold

From the short list of different types of mold above, you can see that even “harmless” mold has negative side effects. Here are some allergy symptoms and conditions you can develop from being around mold:


Nasal Congestion

Runny Nose

Watery Eyes



Asthmatic Reactions






Lung Bleeding

Memory Loss

Can Mold Kill You?

The short answer to this inquiry is: most likely not. However, those who have low immunity, who also neglect their wellbeing may create outrageous indications that can lead to death. However, this is impossible. This doesn’t mean that that Mold isn’t dangerous.

What to Do If You See Mold in Your Home

Call a mold remediation specialist without delay anytime you see a mold in your home. Our team of experts will get in touch with you and give you a quote before we do any work.

Call today to have all your questions answered, to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, and to have your mold problem solved.

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