business plan advice for starters

Tip 1: before business plan, you should understand what your business is all about

Before having any type of business plan you should understand what your business should be about, so it must be something that you are passionate about, and also somewhat popular and trendy, one great business idea is streaming, twitch streaming is one of the biggest and most growing business ideas in the world right now, but one hard to reach aspect of streaming is having a lot of viewers, so because of this many decided to buy twitch live views to ease their streaming career

Tip 2: a concise but complete business plan

There really aren’t any rules on this. On average, a file comprises ten to thirty pages, excluding appendices. In order not to unnecessarily weigh down the file, it is more judicious to gather all the supporting documents in a second file. Above all, you have to think of the reader: it will most often be a busy person. The best service that we can render him is to facilitate his work, by entrusting him with a sufficiently synthetic document. We must therefore go to the essentials. However, be careful not to forget anything that allows you to judge the feasibility and viability of the project . All these aspects of the project must therefore be addressed, without exception.

Tip 3: a clear and well-structured business plan

It must be written in a simple and easily understandable style, avoiding any jargon: you must always put yourself in the shoes of the uninitiated reader. Be careful to order it logically with a breakdown into parts and subparts. The titles given to the chapters should help the reader in understanding the whole subject. There is no absolute rule in the presentation of the content of the business plan also called business plan. What is important is to respect a certain logic. Regardless of the order chosen, you must include the following elements:

  • The executive summary
  • A presentation of you and your team
  • The general presentation of the business creation project
  • The economic part of the project (presentation of the product(s) and services, the business model , the market study , the business strategy , the marketing mix, the commercial objectives and the estimate of the forecast turnover, the permanent expenses , tangible and intangible investments, staff, etc.)
  • The financial part which includes the following financial tables: ( initial financing plan , 3-year income statement, monthly 12-month cash flow plan, 3 -year financing plan ).
  • The legal part : choice of the legal structure , choice of the social status of the leader, etc.)

Tip 4: a precise business plan

To be credible, you should only say things that can be verified . You must therefore be careful to cite your sources of information: references to books or studies, press clippings, identity of the expert whose comments are being reported, etc. Also remember to include in the file of appendices, a maximum of supporting documents (copies of articles, reports of conversations or telephone interviews, or better still: letter requested and obtained from the expert so that he confirms his sayings, etc).

Tip 5: a sales business plan

It is a question of remaining in a credible content, but the file must emphasize the strong points of the project . Thus the arguments developed, put in bold or underlined when they are stated, will be summarized in each chapter or part of the file concerning them, so as to influence the reader and help him to favorably structure his perception of the project. By following these tips, you put all the chances on your side to convince your interlocutors.