Bracelets or Bangles – Unravelling the Generational Debate

When it comes to jewellery, the easiest picks are mostly bangles or bracelets. Both are available in a huge variety of designs, with modern trendy updated versions flooding the market frequently. You can wear them in any occasion, with every kind of outfit and look dressed up and glamorous in seconds. However, you will often find women of different age groups having differing opinions about which one is better: bangles or bracelets? While the older women always vouch for bangles, the younger lot prefers bracelets more. So let us find out what makes these two popular jewellery picks so special.


Bangles are a woman’s ultimate accessory pick. With multiple designs available in various materials like gold, diamond, silver and others, the options are endless. Bangles have been a part of our culture for centuries and thus form an integral part of our traditional wear. However, nowadays, more modern and sleek designs are also available which works wonderfully with western wear and office wear options without looking gawdy or out of place. Bangles design for girl are generally round in shape, although nowadays different shapes are coming up that looks wonderful around your wrists. Since bangles tend to be loose, it is very easy to put them on and wear them throughout the day without it causing any pain or interruption in your work. Most elder women prefer bangles because they are hardier and thus last longer. They do not get damaged easily which is an advantage for working women as well as homemakers who want to look dressed up but not have to worry about the bangles getting damaged. You can browse through fancy gold bangles designs or even sleeker options to suit your requirements.


Bracelets are super sleek and ooze out modernity and glamour. They add a sophisticated touch to your everyday looks and thus young women are in love with this piece of jewellery. From expensive metals like gold, silver and diamonds to costume jewellery made of beads, strings, leather and other unique and stylish material, the variety is to die for. The huge collection will surely have something or the other that will suit your needs and taste. Bracelets usually come with a clasp or a lock system and are mostly made of several delicate pieces joined together. They sit tightly around your wrist and are perfect for casual outfits, work wear and even special occasions which require dressing up. You will find design that fits your outfits. The delicate sleek look appeals to younger women as minimalist modern designs are the new trend these days. Most young women find heavier designs to be cumbersome and old fashioned and would rather wear more unique stylish pieces that are fancy yet sophisticated.

So here is all that you need to know about bracelets and bangles. Both are unique and special in their own ways and make for excellent accessories that will spice up your look and you will become the talk of the town!

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