Bomb Disposal Android Game – Bomb Hunters

What do you know about battlefields? Do you know what exactly they stand for? Well, a battlefield is quite a place like a ground or a field where battles or else wars were fought and is a very dangerous place with many traps and obstacles. Many people do not have experienced it instead of army soldiers, but many people like to experience where they install certain game plays that belong to war actions. 

Well, let’s get to the point. Bomb Hunters for Android TV BOX is a video game application that has been built with a good concept along with war activities where you have to play the role of a bomb disposing of an expert. I really don’t think that you have played this kind of video game with a concept like this even though you have played action games or war games.

You can download this game for free using Google Play Store. For devices without play store can use AC Market. Which is like play store where you can install any app or game for free without logging or registering. You can download this game for Android TV boxes and Fire TV Stick using Filelinked. Make sure to download apk file first and then add it your own Filelinked store. 

The main task you have to do is the bomb disposing of the part. You will be rewarded with 10 bomb hunting characters from the beginning of the game play, where you can choose anyone out of ten and play the game.

I hope you have seen there are a lot of wires in a bomb where you should carefully cut the right wire or else it will explode. There are three main wires which are Red 1, Red and Blue, and you are the one who should decide which wire to cut in order to defuse the bomb. If you cut the wrong wire, Boom! Everyone is in danger. Same here, you should be very careful when deciding the wire, what to cut.

All you have to do is clear the path to the battlefield. Even though the main job you got is the bomb disposing part, well, that is major, but you have some other stuff to do too. There will be many obstacles to face on the battlefield and to avoid the enemy snipers. You have to clear the road to the battlefield by carefully defusing the bombs and winning over enemy snipers, and clear the road to the army you work for. The first is the safety of the army. So, you better do your job right.

You will be offered five different environments to dispose of bombs and have three life savings for each moment. You are allowed to increase your skills in bomb defusing and become faster and skilled in this subject. Besides, when you complete your achievements, you will be able to compete on leader boards. Level up, defuse quickly, and make your army win the battle!


With the latest update of Bomb Hunters, you are rewarded with two new enemies, three new suits, free characters to try, daily bonuses, and many more. You can now play the game play using a joystick which will be easier to handle than in hand. The Bomb Hunters game play was offered by Craneballs and has officially released on the 19th of April 2017. This is quite an adrenaline filled game since you have to deal with bombs always. Are you still here? Go get Bomb Hunters now. The bomb is ticking; make sure you don’t drop it. Boom!

Some low end and mid-range Android devices may lag or stuck while playing. You can use game boosting applications like Clean Master to stop all other running applications and processers to have more RAM and CPU power.