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Graphic designers help in creating visual concepts by using various computer-aided software that helps in communicating ideas of a company or even a product. The graphic designers create the overall layout and they also take part in production design for various brochures, magazines, and corporate reports. They help in creating spectacular images through which the ideology of the product is showcased. A lot of companies offer internship programs for graphic designers to help them showcase their talents and with these internships, they can learn a lot of things and new technologies too.

Find the list of more than 100 Graphic Designer Jobs in Chennai.

Now let’s what are the job roles and responsibilities of a Graphic designer in a company:

This may seem like a creative job and no doubt it is but it requires a lot of effort to bring out what is required by the customer or the organization. Hence a lot of tasks are undertaken by a graphic designer which is listed below:

  1. They help in designing beautiful web pages, logos of the company or the product, the covers of the magazine, advertisements, etc.
  2. They often create these designs by computer-aided software or even by hands.
  3. These are often licensed and some of its examples are Adobe’s Creative Suite—including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc. There are some others too and can be used as per the requirement of the company and the graphic designer too.
  4. Though if you’re thinking that this job might not involve interacting with people then this may not be entirely the case because they often have to meet new clients to understand their requirements and needs.
  5. They need to take care of the design and typestyle to enhance the readability of the text and images that the graphic designer has used.
  6. Also, they just don’t have to take down the requirements but implement them too and see to it that it doesn’t have any error.

Graphic Designer Salary

This job is highly creative as well as highly paid too. If you work for a company, your salary may vary according to your skills and experience so your hand can be in between 12–15lpa if you’re experienced and if you’re a fresher then too you can earn up to 60 thousand PA.

Qualification and training:

  • Though this field has a great importance of experience, a graphic designer must undergo certain formal training which can help him shaping his career and skills as well.
  • A lot of graphic designers undergo formal training, for example, a bachelor’s with a major concentration in the field of graphic design. This helps the budding creators to get the right direction with the help of computer-aided design.
  • A lot of graphic designers undergo special training and internship programs that can help them know the latest trends in the market. Often graphic designers do freelance work to earn some extra bucks.
  • Employers too seek certain skills that they look out as per the requirement of the company.
  • Along with the graphic designing skills they are required to have soft skills to grab the opportunity. Therefore, they must have good communication skills along with the knowledge of the software too.
  • A graphic designer must know how to manage the time as there might some time they have to juggle with a lot of projects, they must know how to work in teams as they may have to collaborate with a lot of teams.

How to get graphic designing jobs:

  1. First, you need to develop a portfolio
  2. And also make some connections too which can help you to land a job in this industry
  3. Take freelance work and projects.

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