Best Battery for Dodge Ram 1500 Based on Driving Needs

You depend on your Dodge RAM 1500 for your toughest jobs. Packing serious horsepower and torque with unmatched hauling and towing capacity, your 1500 is no stranger to hard work. For all that power and potential, you need a battery made to go the distance. This quick guide to the best Dodge RAM 1500 batteries can help you choose the best model for your truck and driving needs.

What Affects Your Truck’s Battery Life?

The average lifespan of a vehicle battery ranges between three and five years. However, many factors can lengthen or shorten this expected lifetime:

  • Average air temperatures
  • Vehicle charging system health
  • Dirt, grease and corrosion building
  • Driving habits

Batteries last longer in colder climates. Heat causes more chemical activity inside and can more quickly evaporate battery fluid. An alternator in poor condition or with a faulty diode could impact current flow and drain your battery faster. Dirt and grease also drains battery power, while corrosion affects the flow of current.

Not only that, your driving habits can extend or reduce battery life. Frequently power-cycling the engine is one common culprit, but accessories can also sap your power. Plugging your cellphone into an adapter for a quick charge won’t make much of a difference, but devices with high power draw such as lights, coolers and vacuum cleaners may suck the life out of your power cell.

What Type of Battery Does Your RAM Need?

Proper maintenance and driving practices are key to getting the most out of your truck’s battery. At the same time, choosing the right battery is also fundamental. If you bought your Dodge RAM 1500 brand new, it probably came with an OEM battery. The specific part number varies by the make, model and year of your truck. For instance, many 1500s manufactured between 2012 and 2018 use the BB0H7730AB model, rated at 750 cold cranking amps.

Why are cold cranking amps important? Manufacturers set battery requirements according to the truck’s typical power needs. Cold cranking amps indicate the battery’s ability to start the engine in cold temperatures: in more technical terms, the amps that a 12-volt battery puts out at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds while at a voltage level of at least 7.2 volts. You’ll also need the battery’s dimensions and post locations. You can usually find recommended battery specs in your owner’s manual.

How Should I Shop for My New Battery?

Fortunately, battery shopping can be as simple as learning how to replace air filter. Most auto parts retailer websites help you find the correct batteries with drop-down menus for the specific year, make, model, submodel and engine type. Newer model 1500s are usually equipped with maintenance-free OEM batteries. Your replacement may also be maintenance-free, which means its vent caps are sealed and you don’t need to add water. However, you still must periodically check its case for damage and keep it, the terminals and cables clean.

Your Dodge RAM is only as good as the parts you put inside it. Choose a trustworthy auto parts dealer for your new battery, replacement brake pads, air filters and everything else needed to keep your truck’s wheels rolling.

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