Benefits of Using Movable Office Walls  

Movable office walls are just like traditional construction, but they can be moved around without having to demolish anything, which provides a lot of benefits.

Ease of Installation: Movable office walls will be shipped to you completely ready to install. Within just a few days, you can have your office set up and ready to go without any disruption. If you are using drywall, it will require days of your time and a construction crew will be disrupting your office.

Relocation Flexibility: Since the walls aren’t built in they can be relocated at any time, providing a lot of flexibility. If you currently have four small offices but need to make them into two larger offices and a conference room, it’s very easy to make this change. If you are using drywall construction, this can take months. This way you have more control over your office’s appearance and functionality.

Design Versatility: There are a number of materials that can be used for movable office walls. Glass panels can create a partition that still lets in natural light. Glass also provides separation but still gives the illusion of togetherness. If you want a more creative environment, then you can choose different colors or whiteboards for team meetings. Any of these design choices can also be easily changed in the future to provide more flexibility for your office.

Cost Effective: These office walls can have a higher upfront cost, but as soon as you need to move these and utilize the benefits, they can pay for themselves. An installation team can be there on short notice to move them. If you are using drywall construction, you would have to get the correct permits in order to make changes. It can be expensive for a construction crew to build new walls that are needed. There are many other hidden costs that come along with drywall or other construction methods, but not with movable walls. Movable walls can also help with sound reduction, lowering the cost for other sound-reducing measures.

Sustainability: Many of the elements of these walls are made from recycled materials and these can be removed from your office at any time. These walls can also be stored until you are ready to use them. Drywall can’t be reused and would be ripped out and thrown in a landfall. If you want the wall again, then you have to start all over. Components don’t come with paint or varnish fumes.

Less Damage: A freestanding system will eliminate the need to cut into or damage existing floors, walls, and ceiling. There is no damage during installation and there won’t be any damage when you need to move them to reconfigure your office.


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