Beginner’s Guide: How to Start an Online Business

Seeing as these blogs are not intended for e-commerce transactions, treat them as a means to get yourself out into cyberspace to “test the waters.” Through these types of internet networks, you have a means of sharing your work with the world and to see if you can strike-up interest in your product or service. Just consider the time you spend on Facebook or message boards, now, turn those networks into possible customers and cash. By publicizing your blog or test website, you will get an idea of how well potential customers will take on what you are offering.

Online Presence:

Online presence is very necessary when it comes to promoting your online business. Use the social platform for your active presence. Instagram is a great place to promote your business as there are 25 million businesses are there. But you can leverage the potential of every social platform when you have more followers and engagement on your posts such as likes, comments, and views. If you are not getting more views on your post, it is better to buy Instagram views. Also use Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to promote your online business.


If you have a concrete idea of what your business is selling, you can create a logo online practically for free. Numerous websites will assist you in creating a full-color logo that will match the vision you have for your product or services.

Good feedback

Some web host has “free” e-commerce websites with some restrictions. You will have at least 85% of a full functioning e-commerce website. The only drawback is the advertisement of the web host services on your website. However, you can always upgrade later and have these annoying adverts removed. The best way to select your web host is to check online reviews or Google, “top web hosting services.” This will help to cut downtime used for searching and you have an automatic list of the best web host services on the Internet.

Another route

You can always hitch a ride on websites that are already established such as Amazon, eBay, and the e-commerce site for handcrafted items, However, fees are usually charged for each item listed and for the amount of the transaction. You will have to be on top of your sales if you choose to go this route. Selling $50 worth of items and paying $13 in fees is not cost-effective in the long run. If you want to keep all the loot for yourself, going it alone is the best alternative.


Now that you have the basics and your online business is starting to grow, you may want to take a look at the specific licenses required in the city where your business operates. Even though your business is virtual, you still have many of the same responsibilities of brick ‘n’ mortar businesses.


Whether you require additional help with shipping or unskilled tasks, some companies can help you do just that. For example, Amazon rents space in its immense shipping locations, to small outside businesses, to assist them with their shipping and packaging duties. The more packages you have to ship, the less you have to pay. Moreover, once you begin looking for warehouse space, maybe it is time to move out of your garage!

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