Basic Rummy Rules to Play Point Rummy

Card games had been a source of entertainment and are viral in India. The advent in technology and internet boom has made online rummy popular and widely played game on the internet. There are multiple sites where you can play rummy and earn huge amount. The only difference is the originally physical 13 card game is now played in a virtual table online. Playing online rummy is easy, hassle-free and safe. There is a bit difference in the rules if you are playing online rummy for points. The basic rules are same but bit modified since the players play to earn more points and at the end winner gets all the cash. 

The widely played rummy is 13 card rummy, which is the easy and fast. It requires two decks of cards for 2 to 6 players. After the turn the player need to pull a card from any of open or closed deck of cards, of cards, but at the same time, the player also need to discard a card to maintain total of only 13 cards in hand. The basic rule to win and to play 13 card rummy is straight forward that the player must have to make a pure sequence of 13 cards. Then after making a pure sequence set can be made. The set should be made in such a way that there should be no repetition of the card from same suit. There are different types of 13 card rummy. The popular ones are point rummy, pool rummy and deal rummy. 

In this form of Indian rummy the players play for points whose value is predetermined in Indian rupees (INR). 

Features and Rummy rules of point rummy:

  • Point rummy is single deal rummy game i.e only one deal is done for each point in a rummy game. 
  • The value of the points is pre-cogitated before the game. At the beginning of Point Rummy, the value of a point is settled in INRs and the winner gets all the cash earned in points on a valid show. 

Thus, the winning amount is evaluated as sum-total of points of all the opponents multiplied by the pre-fixed value of points (in INR) subtracted by rake or fees. It can be represented as:

Winning amount=(sum of all the points of opponent * INR value of point)-fees. 

  • Each player gets 13 cards and may have joker(joker can also be used to make sequence). 
  • Declare button is clicker only after making complete proper sets of all 13 cards in sequence. At least two sequences are made to win and out of which one must be pure. But player can-not use same card of same face since there are two deck of cards. 
  • Point scoring is done according to the card. Like K, Q, J, A of any suit have face point value of 10 points. Joker= zero points. The other number cards carry same points as face value like 1=1point and 10=10 points. Thus, there are maximum of 80 points a player can make and declared as winner. 


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