Awesome Eight Facts About Vietnam That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Every one of us knows Vietnam as a country of traditional pagodas and foodporn of Asia but there are many unusual things which you will only discover by taking the Vietnam Cambodia tour.

Vietnam is also popular by its 20th-century war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. It will always remain an important historical event for the whole world.

Surprisingly, It is bordered by three major countries- Laos, Cambodia, and China but still it does not have a good relationship with China.

Are you already amused by the above facts? It is just the beginning, there are some really interesting facts which are waiting for you. Scroll down!

Vietnamese are Obsessed with White Skin

This may offend many people across the globe but Vietnamese consider white skin as a symbol of beauty. Due to this, beauty products companies are earning great profits in Vietnam.

Also, you will see more people covering their entire body to protect themselves from heat as they have a fear of getting a tan.

Vietnam Flag’s Significance is Spellbinding

Every country’s flag has some hidden message in it or it has a rich history engraved in it. But Vietnam not only reminds bloodshed of the soldiers in war but also gives tribute to the common man of the country.

Vietnam’s flag has a golden star which has five points that represent farmers, youth, intellectuals, workers, and youth. The red background in the flag pays tribute to the soldiers who gave their blood for the Vietnam land.

Snake Wine Sparks Energy in Vietnamese People

Maybe this sounds unethical to the people in some parts of the world but Vietnam’s people enjoy taking snake liquor.

They consider this wine as an energy booster drink which has several health benefits.

Second Largest Coffee Producing Nation

Vietnam coffee is the most delicious coffee you will ever taste, this is one of the reasons there are so many cafes in Vietnam. You must visit those cafes via Vietnam Tour Package.

Their presentation and method of making coffee are also quite amazing.

Rice is the Staple food of Vietnam

Not only people are consuming more rice, but there are large cultivation and exports of rice in the country. There are many Vietnam recipes which are made from rice.

Motorbikes Everywhere

As there is more tax levied on cars, most of the people in Vietnam use motorbikes as a mode of transport.

You will see motorbikes everywhere on Vietnam’s road taking Vietnam Holiday Packages as it is currently the best option for people in Vietnam. Car is still a luxury for the residents living there.

Pivot of World’s Largest Cave

If you are someone who loves to explore caves, you cannot miss the world’s largest cave, Hang, Son Doong in Vietnam.

Vietnam Is Fastest Growing Country

There is a wide population in Vietnam which is still poor but the large section of the people either belongs to the middle class or upper-middle-class group. This fastest growing economy is also earning lots of dongs(Vietnam Currency) through tourism.

We hope you would love traveling Vietnam after knowing these amazing secrets. These are some of the highlights and there are many other things to explore in this beautiful country. If you are planning a trip to Vietnam, you cannot forget the best traveling company Threeland.

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