Attractions And Places To Visit In Houston

People that love to travel are going to have a ton of activities to engage in when they travel to Houston. This is one of the biggest cities in the state of Texas, and it provides vacationers a lot of opportunities to have a full day of activities.

The Museum Life

The museum environment is huge in Houston. There are a lot of things to learn about when it comes to nature, art and health museums in Houston. People that like to learn about different things to do Houston will discover that there is a Health and Art Car museum. There it’s also a museum of natural science and a children’s museum. This certainly provides a huge variety of activities for families that are looking for free activities to explore when they check out various sites in the Houston area.

Houston Brew

People that are interested in the processing of brewing will be pleased to know that there is a brewery in Houston. Saint Arnold is the brewing company that has won awards and become a well-known tourist attraction for people that are fans

of these types of outings. This is a company that was founded in 1994, and it is the oldest craft brewing company in the state of Texas.

Zoo Life

Houston is a big city that has a big zoo. There are a ton of things to see in this 55-acre zoo that has more than 900 different species to take in. It is definitely a place that is worth visiting when people are making their way to Houston.

Farmers Market For Foodies

Travelers that are looking for access to organic foods and naturally grown vegetables and produce will be interested in checking out the City Hall Farmers Market. This is one of the premier tourist attractions during summer months where there are cooking demonstrations and food trucks. There are also restaurants for people that would like to sit and eat before they shop for food.

Aquatic Adventures

Another one of the popular things to do Houston is the downtown aquarium. A ton of people that have taken trips to Houston will agree that the 500,000 gallon aquarium is an impressive sight to see.

With over 200 underwater species it takes no time to spend hours marveling at all of the different aquatic creatures of the sea. There is a lounge and restaurant inside of this aquarium. That provides vacationers with even more things to participate in when they decide to check out this aquarium.


There are several parks in Houston. People that are interested in the serenity of park land will enjoy places like Buffalo Bayou Park and the Sam Houston Park. A lot of this greenery is beautiful during the fall and summer months. It is a great place to have a picnic. A lot of tourists that come to Houston will utilize these parks to take breaks from their sightseeing. They may sit down in the park and have a nice picnic.

Houston Tunnel System

Another thing that people are not always familiar with right away is the Houston underground tunnel. This is an interesting way to get away from the city by going underground. What people will appreciate about this unique tunnel system is that there are gift shops and restaurants that can be accessed through this tunnel.


Anyone that is interested in the theatrics can find more than what they may have assumed when they come to Houston. There are several theaters, and it is possible to see plays, operas and concerts inside places like the Alley Theatre and the Wortham Theater.

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