Are Sunflowers Best Wedding Flowers?

The sunflower bouquet with its bright yellow color is great to be matched with your white wedding gown. The florist will make a special hand bouquet from this flower. It will become a memorable event to remember in this life.

In addition, the sunflower is also a kind of fantastic flower. It can grow anywhere; whether it is a plateau or lowland. The main treatment of this flower is about sunlight. This flower must get enough sunlight every day to make it is always fresh.

Have you ever heard about sunflower as one of the best wedding flowers? Actually, it is a fact. Sunflower has the stunning look and it is so unique. Besides the look, sunflowers also have a deep meaning which is suitable for marriage life.

Sunflower is a Symbol of Loyalty

A sunflower bouquet has its own philosophy. Actually, sunflowers always follow where the sun will move. If you plant this flower, just try to watch it every morning. At that time, this flower will face the east part when the sun rises every day.

Then, it will slowly follow the sun moves to the west part. It is a direction when the sun will set. For some people, it is not the usual characteristic. It shows the specialness of sunflowers. They say that it is a symbol of true loyalty in life.

The sunflower can be exemplified, especially for the brides and grooms. The loyalty that we mean here is that about obeying nature without complaining anything in life. It means that the married couple should run their rule as a husband and wife properly.

From a flower like that, you can learn a lot of things as a new married couple. Whenever you saw the sunflower, a marriage promise can be always remembered. That flower makes us learn that loyalty is essential and it must be owned by each couple.

The Meaning of Yellow Sunflower bouquet

A bouquet made from several sunflowers will show the bright yellow color. It is looked so warm and fascinating. However, if it is related to the philosophy rule, yellow has its special meaning. It is actually a symbol of happiness and warmth for the married couple.

The shapes of this flower resemble the positive spirit and bright light. If you want to, a florist can make a sunflower bouquet that only consists of those flower types. In addition, if that particular bouquet is too common, you can pick the mixed-flowers bouquet.

As a bride, you can choose some of your favorite flowers. It means that the sunflower can be matched with other special flowers for a wedding. The examples are like roses and lilies. Hydrangea is also a smart option because it represents the beating heart.

Sunflower is Multi-Function

You can choose a hand made bouquet made of the sunflowers. However, if you really adore this yellow flower, use it as a wedding decoration too. You can attach a lot of sunflowers in the entrance gate in your wedding location. It is an amazing decoration.

Do you want more? You can order several sunflower bouquet items and then place them in some areas in your wedding location. The example is between the guest chairs. Wrap the chairs with white clothes to accentuate the sunflowers as a wedding decoration.

In addition, sunflowers can be also used to decorate a table. You can order the small size of sunflowers. After that, place it in the vase and combine it with other flowers if you want too. This decoration is good for indoor or outdoor locations.

Sunflowers can create a Memory

Just imagine if you decorate a wedding party with some sunflower bouquet items everywhere. Your wedding location will be looked really stunning since sunflowers have a bright color. It means that the decoration will be looked awesome in a photo. It will make you proud.

This flower helps to make history. When you see that photography for several months or maybe a year after the wedding party, it will be easier to remember everything. You can memorize how the sunflower decorations and hand bouquet were really enlivening your wedding celebration.

If it is seen from the aspects above, the sunflower is one of the best wedding flowers. It has a stunning appearance outside. In addition, it also has a deep and positive meaning for the married couple. A sunflower bouquet is like a positive hope for you.