Are Rolex Rubber Straps Durable?

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Rubber watch straps have immovably settled themselves as must-have frill for the more fascinating watch band. Inside any of the primary Rolex rubber strap types, added substances, synthesis, utilization, introduction to the components, individual inclination, and time are among the variables deciding the presentation, solace, and toughness of straps.

The accompanying abridges the attributes that make a rubber strap for observers so safe and engaging for plunging, sports, and general relaxation use – and as an extravagance watch adornment.

  • A waterproof watch strap (crisp and saltwater).
  • Solidness.
  • Protection from UVA radiation.
  • Accessibility in a wide scope of hues and surfaces.
  • Non-allergenic and non-lethal.
  • It’s anything but difficult to clean a rubber watch strap.
  • Electrical non-conductivity.
  • By and large unisex: ladies’ and men’s rubber watch straps aren’t commonly separated.
  • Secure fitting and wide flexibility.
  • Suppleness and expandability.
  • Minimal effort and economically replaceable whenever lost/harmed.
  • Lightweight contrasted with steel armlets.
  • Jazzy.
  • Scratch-safe.

With properties, for example, these and the common sense, solace, security, and toughness they give, it’s nothing unexpected that Rolex rubber straps are so well known. Presently, about materials:

Common rubber

A considerable lot of the early common rubber straps didn’t perform splendidly. These days, be that as it may, the vulcanized nitrile rubber watch strap is one of the most well known and broadly utilized for elite applications. Likewise, with any rubber, its exhibition isn’t simply dictated by its sort, be it Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), silicone rubber, polyurethane rubber, or PVC rubber. Likewise significant is the particular detailing and preparing by makers.

Silicone rubber

This is a rubber-like material that is by all accounts less broadly utilized for genuine top-notch execution watch straps. While silicone can without much of a stretch be molded and hued, it has gained notoriety for tenacity, an inclination to tear, and affinity to pull in residue and build up.

PVC rubber

Shinier than polymers like PU rubber, this is a thermoplastic vinyl polymer that is entirely solid yet does not have the qualities for very good quality applications that make NBR so engaging.

PU rubber

Polyurethane rubber (‘urethane’) is another polymer with flexible properties involving a chain of natural units connected by urethane (carbamate) joins. They are entirely strong, profoundly utilitarian, yet some of the time answered to be less agreeable than regular rubber.


Throughout the years, other manufactured rubbers have been created from petrochemical bases, including isoprene and neoprene. Both have the master following. Specifically, isoprene straps appreciate decent notoriety, however at a value that is a few times above a top-quality vulcanized rubber watch strap.

As ever with watches and watch extras, picking between various sorts of Rolex rubber strap includes a few factors. Regardless of whether you in the long run pick normal rubber or a manufactured polymer rubber, your strap decision will reflect how you’ll utilize it and your inclinations.

The beneficial thing about the most recent rubber watch groups is their reasonableness. This implies you can bear to explore different avenues regarding diverse watch types and styles. Indeed, perhaps not with extravagance brands’ marked variants, where a Rolex, Breitling or Omega rubber watch strap will cost a little fortune… But you surely can with microbrand straps, which are significantly more reasonable than the extravagance brands’ straps a large number of which are, regardless, made by similar makers

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