Alm Tools Takes Good Care Of The Organization

Alm tools integrate people, processes that manage the software application of the organization. The tasks performed by developers and operations teams merge together as they continue working with business owners to make changes. Alm tools acts as the cohesive bond of the development life cycle and ensures complete life cycle traceability.

Select the right Alm tools

It is necessary to select the right Alm tools for the need of an organization. The organizations have many options when it comes to selecting the right tool. Alm tools with a narrow focus are designed to integrate with other tools to cover the entire software application development lifecycle where as there are also full-featured solutions that take care of everything of an organization.

Check the flexibility

The tool should be flexible enough so that it can be easily integrated into existing workflows. Reporting, stakeholder collaboration, built-in change auditing and notification, and workflow automation and other features to look for when selecting the right kind of Alm tool for an organization.

A good Alm tool takes care of

  • Requirements management
  • Software Development
  • Risk Management
  • Test Management
  • Change Management
  • Issue and Defect Tracking

Benefits of the Alm tools

Alm tools provide several benefits to the development team and to the entire organization. The benefits are as follows-

  • Visibility

Alm tools provide the software development team comprehensive visibility across the project lifecycle. It makes adjustments based on client and market feedback, technological changes and other factors.

  • Improved decision making

The alm brings everyone together and empowers them with information they need to take decisions correctly. It is important to make the right decision at every stage of the software development process and to turn a rough idea into a successful software application.

  • Agility

Alm aligns software objectives with business goals and ensures that the developers and operations team work together to achieve them. Nowadays the software development teams need to produce software applications with the certain degree of agility to stay competitive.

  • Direction

Alm offers a broader perspective and it provides a clear direction for the software application that is to be built by saving the organization a lot of time and money. It is not possible to develop a software application without the help of Alm.

  • Compliance

Alm tools automatically log each and every activity, which allows the auditors to see exactly who did what and when. It is necessary to have a traceable audit.