Advantages of a hotel management software

The evolution of hotel management software has undergone drastic changes over the last few years. The relevance in operations has begun to take a back seat to the slowdown of process automation.   The large number of guests that pass through hotel establishments have led PMS to have to adapt to new automatic processes and connection with third parties that make day-to-day management easier.

A hotel management software is very important thanks to the fact that it is capable of efficiently managing practically all the departments that exist in the hotel, from reception to management, administrative, financial or marketing. The hotel management software helps to complete all the daily functions which are carried out in a hotel, such as the management of reservations, the registration of clients, the assignment of rooms, the management of cleaning teams and the checkout of reservations among others.

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Among the most complex operations within a hotel management software is booking invoicing. Good hotel management software should record all the intermediaries and guests involved in the reservation and should automatically determine how many invoices are made at checkout

Main advantages

There are advantages when obtaining hotel management software , which are necessary when automating different tasks in the hotel, such as, for example, the management of invoices made, customer reservations, registration of customers at check-in or check-out, among others. Next, the advantages of having a hotel management software


“The hotel PMS is more critical for a 70-story hotel than the elevator itself”

Well, the truth is that without a hotel PMS, a hotel establishment does not know its entries and what is even worse, it does not know who goes out or who it has to charge. The fall of a hotel PMS has a direct impact on the hotelier’s income statement.

Although it is common that many independent hotel establishments do not have hotel management software, the trend begins to change as soon as management (or property) wants to have a more complete management capacity. In addition, the new generation of hoteliers are much more aware of the need to use management tools for their day to day.

Integration with other services

The data generated by the reservation management in the hotel PMS is of great value for other companies that are only dedicated to analyzing prices, customers, availability, etc. For this reason, hotel management software is essential whenever we want to use Revenue Management services, CRM, Booking Engine, Booking Engine or whatever we want to imagine.

Optimization of operations

The hotel PMS not only facilitates the life of the reception and sales team but also the financial and accounting area. Thus, a good hotel management software should not only have the ability to generate invoices in a professional way but also be able to register advance payments from our clients or assign credit to specific clients.

Analytical capacity

The software hotel management are not only provide daily operational at the hotel but also have the ability to display status and statistical analysis reports on various indicators including data mining reserves, production, financial, etc.

Process automation

A complete hotel PMS can help different teamsto make decisions and they do not always have to be analytical but canmaffect repetitive tasks such as room assignment,allocation of charges within the room account and much more.

Retention capacity

Currently, a good hotel management will depend on a good marketing campaign which is in charge of efficiently advertising all the packages and offers that the hotel has, this gives rise to the hotel having a greater reach to its customers, because with From the database offered by the acquired hotel management software, detailed information on each specific client could be obtained, and thus specialized packages or campaigns could be created for each client.

Not only can you make personalized offers, it also reflects detailed information on each area of ​​the hotel, this information is very useful when offering a good service to guests, since a specialized service will be provided to the requirement of each client and with This will make them become regular customers of the hotel.