Abu Dhabi holidays tips

Abu Dhabi is probably most famous as conservative cosmopolitan city. But despite its traditional, conservative culture, this capital of the UAE offers desert, luxury safaris, modern memories and exotic experiences. If adventure and culture are what you want to experience on your next holiday, travel to Abu Dhabi.

Here are some of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi and tips for holidays in Abu Dhabi:

What to wear

While visitors are not expected to wear traditional clothing, unless you are within a mosque, it is advised that you wear loose and long clothing made from natural materials, like cotton, since it is the top way to survive the warm heat of Abu Dhabi. Tight, form-fitting clothes or attire that could be offensive, i.e. attire that reveal your upper arms, thighs, midriff or cleavage, should not be worn. Knee-length, long pants or short sleeves and longer skirts are permitted. Shorts are only acceptable to wear at the beach, with both 1 and 2 piece swimsuit for ladies are also permitted to the beach.

City transport

To travel around the city for Abu Dhabi holidays,  there are 4 big means of transportation accessible, bus, taxi, tour and rental cars. Abu Dhabi International airport comprises of well advanced facilities like sand golf course, shops, boutiques and much more. The airport architecture is a unique attraction for visitors and it has become an icon to promote the tourism industry in the city. There is a best network of roads in the city and hardly any big traffic jams problems even in peak time. Modern bus transportation is accessible at all big places 24 hours. Another affordable choice to explore the city will be a car rental or taxi, which are conveniently placed around the city.

Best travel times

Abu Dhabi view charming sunshine all year round; anyway, the hot months get uncomfortably humid and warm. For the best temperature, visit between October and April. Know though that this time is also visitor season, so if you favor heat to big crowds, then the summer months are the top time for Abu Dhabi tour package. So book your flights to Abu Dhabi now.

Also be sure to check when Ramada begins and ends. This holy month generally is not a best time for Abu Dhabi holiday packages as you are not permitted to drink or eat in public during the daytime hours to respect those are fasting, and businesses have reduced operational hours.

Follow local laws

You cannot use alcohol outside of hotels, so do not take alcoholic beverages with you to public locations like gardens, beaches, parks, etc. You also do not want to display love with your partner in public – this is seen an unpleasant to some, and while police are not walking around looking to arrest people hugging and kissing, some locals may report you to the police may destroy your Abu Dhabi tour packages experience.

Always travel with documents

When you prepare for a walk in the city, we advise taking photocopies of your documents with you. The police generally conduct raids on the streets. By the way, they generally work without uniform. As a rule, the majority of checks are performed near to big shopping centers, in the main markets and squares.

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