A road trip to Mount Abu

India has always been diverse, and that’s what makes this place inconceivably unique. Rajasthan has always been on my bucket list to explore, as I had my family roots in the state but have never visited it. Even though I should have been more wary of the season, I just took the opportunity, for I was getting a small break from work. I have been to Rajasthan once, but this time, I wanted to venture out a bit. I decided to visit the famous hill station Mt. Abu.

You will probably laugh, but I always have thought Mt. Abu to be “Mount Abbu.” Abbu here means dad for many children; a common term kids use to address their father. So, childhood was exciting, but I always had a feeling that I end up having a trip to Mt. Abu.

Road Trip to Mount Abu 

I stay in Delhi, and that’s where I work, as well. To be able to get out Delhi even for a few days seemed like a blissful alternative. I booked the train tickets right away boarded the train. However, the real journey started when I landed at Ajmer. From Ajmer, I had to reach Mt. Abu, and I had also decided to visit Udaipur. I had already made arrangements for my Udaipur trip by Booking a licensed and top-rated taxi service in Udaipur to save time. The journey from Ajmer to Mt. Abu was a smooth one since the National Highways were well maintained. There were a ton of tunnels, and I honestly wanted to play “Heroes” By David Bowie and re-enact the tunnel scene from the movie “Perks of Being a Wallflower.” But amongst such imagination. I had passed out in the car, and when I woke up, I was in Mt. Abu.

Places that I visited in Mt. Abu

If you ever plan on visiting Udaipur right after Mt. Abu, always Avail a reliable tempo traveler hire in Udaipur for a smoother journey. Anyway, the first spot that I visited was the Dilwara Jain Temple. These Temples are famous for their intricate use of marbles. There were five such temples which are sacred to the Jains. The architecture bears the simplicity that is often reflected in Jain values. It’s sad, but cameras are not allowed inside. I wish I could show you what I saw inside, but words will fall short for such articulation.

The second place in my itinerary was the Guru Shikar, which is the highest peak of the Aravalli Range. The moment I heard that it would include a long drive to this hill, I couldn’t stop myself from climbing aboard. It was about 15 km away from Mt. Abu, but it was worth the travel.

Peace Park Garden was the next spot on my list. Even though April was a scorching reminder of how I should be less impulsive while standing in Rajasthan, so, I skipped this place.

Now, for the next spot, I was super excited. It was the sunset point. The exciting part about this place is that you need to make a stop and then walk or take a horse ride for about a km to reach the spot. However, I couldn’t get the clarity that I was looking for since April had caused the hills to catch fire. So, everything was just foggy. I was a bit heartbroken since my inner child started jumping in excitement to see the sunset. However, the ride to Udaipur was quite pleasant.

Reaching Udaipur

Udaipur is often called the Venice of the east. It took my cab 2 hours to reach Udaipur from Mt. Abu. After landing there, I checked in a hotel and stayed the night. The next day, I visited the City Palace. The Palace is no nice that it gave me a vantage point to see the entire city. After that, I took my cab to the Monsoon Palace. Monsoon Palace also gives you a panoramic view of the lakes Udaipur has. The Palace could also compensate for the sunset viewing that I couldn’t complete at Mt. Abu.

Now, I must leave

The trip was almost ending, and I had to keep a buffer day before I join the office. So, I decided to return that day only. My cab took me back to Ajmer in just four hours from where I came back to Delhi. Although it was sweltering, excruciatingly, so at some points, I enjoyed this trip thoroughly, but I will advise you not to visit Rajasthan during April.

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