A Guide To Leaving Your Pet at Home

We all love our pets and spend a lot of significant time with them. Pets are emotional creatures, and with time, they get acclimated to your presence. However, you can get a new job or go on holiday and find that you cannot spend the time you used to with the pet. Luckily, pets are social animals that as much as they enjoy your company and that of their companions, they can get busy and make the most of their time alone. Ghosting your pets without preparing them and taking the required precautionary steps will strike them hard. In this piece, we will look at some measures to take if you want to leave your pet at home alone. Read on;

Where Will, Your Pet, Spend Their Time?

Before you go, it is useful to know where you will leave the dog. The three options available are; inside roaming, inside crated and outside roaming. The suitable location depends on how long you will be away, how much they can carry in their bladders, climatic conditions, outdoor space, and how destructive they can be when left alone. All the different options have their pros and cons. Leaving a dog inside roaming even if they are confined to a limited section of the house keeps them safe from many things and restricts them from escaping. However, they should have proper litter training to keep the place free from urine and poop. You can choose authentic and affordable pet care services nearby your area.

Crates are confining but they can also be comfortable for less active dogs. In such cases, the pet will keep most of the time and ensure that they have a comfortable bed and access to water.

Leaving pets out in the garden allows them to move around freely. They can run around and go about their business without being destructive, but the downside comes when the weather changes. Aside from that, letting them roam outside increases their exposure to ticks and the possibility of escaping.

You have to pick the most suitable option for your pet.

How Will They Spend Their Time?

After finding the best location, it is time to prepare them for the time you will be away. There is some training involved if they are to remain comfortable and go about their business when you are away. One way that works is to slowly increase the time they spend away from people even when you are around. Stick to a specific part of the house and let them stay in another or just leave for shorter spans and watch how they behave. Before you leave, give them a treat but do not crumble to their whining or howling as it will reinstate their behaviour. Note their potty routines to get estimates of how long they can go without having to help themselves. When you leave them alone, give them a comfortable place to sleep and things to play with for them to get busy whenever you are way. After some time, the pet will get used to staying comfortably while you are away and leaving won’t be a huge problem.

If you are leaving, ensure that you provide regular activity to them during the times that you will be around. Dogs are social, but they make minimal effort to initiate exercises by themselves. Doing this keeps them happy and ensures that they are not really bothered when you leave as they already received their dose of good loving and exercises. If your dog is not receptive to some of the things mentioned above, seek help from an expert such as https://barkingheads.co.uk as it could be a unique case that should be dealt with by the professionals.

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