A Complete Insight on Attending a U.S. Sports Event

America offers a very different experience of a sports event from other countries. It has to be experienced in person to be truly understood. You can’t attempt to put down that experience in writing. At most, it will be but a shallow attempt at catching the magic and vibes of the real thing.

The difference in the American sporting experience is due to how it has developed. The major sports in America are seldom played in the rest of the world. Americans enjoy football (rugby), baseball and basketball as their major sports. Out of these, only basketball enjoys popularity on a global scale. The culture of American sports events is very different from an average sports match.

If you are planning on attending a US sports event, here are a few things you can expect. Use websites like SportsWhereIAm for USA sports tickets to book today.

1.        The Energy

One thing you will notice right away is the different level of energy. Cricket and football fans are enthusiastic, but the energy in American sports is different. The teams are homegrown and represent different domestic cities, towns and clubs. This makes the passion and fans following all the higher. You will witness fans screaming their lungs out for their home teams. You will also see some bit of rowdiness with opponent teams. It is all part of the experience and something to be savoured. Sometimes, the crowd can get ugly and that is not something you can really expect to see in a cricket or football crowd.

2.        The Anthem

The playing of the national anthems is a very solemn affair in most global sporting events. That is not the case for many events in the USA. The anthem is that one moment when everyone, both teams, all the audiences are united as one.

The euphoria of the moment has to be felt in person. Everyone singing their lungs out for the anthem with the utmost respect is a sight to behold. It can arouse some good old American patriotism in even the most subdued people. At most places, fireworks and other festivities are no odd sights during the anthem. It serves to bind and remind the attendants of their common American bond—a true show of unity before the competition starts.

3.        The Food

If it is one thing which must be said about American sports then it is the food. Food and its consumption are celebrated like no other in an American sports event. From giant hot dogs to triple patty burgers and giant glasses of beer and popcorn, Americans need their food to enjoy their sport. It can all seem a bit excessive but trust us, once you’re in the mood, even you will be snapping away at a big hot dog while drowning down pints of frothy beer.

And this is not just limited to the stadium. Americans also have a trend of arranging makeshift parties and cook offs setup outside sporting grounds. These are held in school parks or car parks close to the sporting venue. Hot dogs are grilled, crawfish are boiled and barbeque is served. It is a celebration of food and sport like no other. The overall joy and festivity in the atmosphere is like a rush.


These are only some of the differences you can expect to see and experience in a US sports event. We will stop here because like we said, writing can’t capture the experience. So, book your tickets today and get ready to enjoy sports in a completely different way.

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