9 Biggest Restaurant Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, you will most likely hear the sentiment that having a website is essential for a completely satisfying experience for your customers. You have to ensure that from the time that they even discover your restaurant on the internet, customers and potential customers will already have a spectacular time.

Through restaurant web design, you will be able to ensure that user experience is going to be a great success. The restaurant should be as informative as it can while maintaining the perception and branding that the restaurant has to put out.

Avoid making these restaurant web design mistakes:

1. Having a barren website

Content is king everywhere. You need to provide your website visitors with as much information as you can. The most important is the menu for your restaurant accompanied by pictures that will make them salivate.

2. Not including social media links

Social media is one of the best tools that you can use as a restaurant to build a connection with your target demographic. With social media, you will have most of the information that you’ll need in potential customers.

3. Not having a membership option

Even if you don’t have any plans to create a loyalty program for your restaurant customers, you should still make it an option to become a member on your website. Gather valuable customer information that could help you give a flawless experience.

4. Marketing through just one page

A lot of restaurants think that setting up a basic website with only one page to market the restaurant is enough. You should have an enticing message for potential customers all over the website.

5. Putting contact details at the bottom

Used to be, the generic restaurant web design is to have the logo at the top, the menu in the middle, and the contact details at the bottom. You have to deviate from that and make it easier for customers to get contact information.

6. Low-quality photographs

Your photographs will help you secure the most reservations when you operate a restaurant. The tastier the food looks through the screen, the more people are likely to go beyond scrolling through the pages.

7. Poor mobile experience

Mobile experience is incredibly important because 72% of most searches for restaurants are done on mobile devices. You have to take advantage of the people that look for food and make sure that they don’t have trouble finding what they want to know.

8. Not having the ability to reserve online

Reserving a table at your restaurant shouldn’t have to be done only by calling. More and more people are finding it easier to do such tasks themselves if they are able to do so through a website or an app.

9. Neglecting search engine optimization

SEO isn’t only isolated to the text-based articles on the restaurant website. The design also impacts search engine optimization. Make sure that you hire a reputable company to work on your website to have a better chance of becoming one of the top results for relevant keywords.

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