6 Brilliant tips to save money on your car insurance

Car insurance is taken to protect against the losses incurred due to unavoidable events. It gives coverage against road mishap, theft, financial damage due to subsequent liabilities etc. The premium of car insurance is dependent on specific parameters like cost of the car, model of your car, types of coverage, driving record, location, voluntary excess etc. Buying a car insurance policy in India is compulsory by law, still often some people tend to overlook the benefits of availing car insurance, and the main reason is the cost behind purchasing it. Purchasing suitable car insurance can be a smart choice, and you shouldn’t give up on buying such an essential protection plan to save a few bucks. There are so many car insurance companies for customer base in the market and choosing the right insurer and policy for your car can be a difficult task. The cost of car insurance policy differs depending on its various factors such as car’s model, classification of vehicle and value of the car. 

With the rapid increase in the price of car insurance which can put a dent in your monthly expenditure, here are six smart tips that will assist you in buying a budget-friendly car insurance policy and can save a good deal on your money. 

Shop around for your car insurance and compare policies. 

Check the cost of a car insurance policy before purchasing it and get quotes from different insurance companies online portal. Auto insurance premiums are categorized by the value of the car, overall safety record, cost to repair it, etc and check out other factors also such as goodwill of the company, claim settlement ratio and strength of the insurer while comparing different policies.

Opt for higher deductibles

It is an amount that you need to pay before the compensation starts deducting by the insurance provider. Higher the deductibles, lower will be the cost of a premium. If you want two or more insurance policies and want to insure multiple vehicles, then it is advisable to avail it from the same insurer. And also make sure you have enough funds to pay at the time of taking a claim. 

Maintain a good credit score

Some insurance company may check the credit history of the policyholder to set the cost of the premium. Ensure to balance a good credit history which will help you to minimize the premium costs. Having more than one card can give a negative effect on your credit score if you have any pending bills. So, clear all your financial debts before.

Take advantage of various discounts.

The premium will cost you less if you have some safety features in your car, such as anti-theft devices, anti-lock brakes system, airbags, alarm system, traction control installed in your car. And you will also be eligible for various discounts and deals if you have a safe driving record, drives less than average miles per year or complete driver’s education programme. 

 Review your coverage amount

It is required to review coverage amount at the time of renewal of the policy, which is done to ensure the plan is coping up with your needs. Comprehensive coverage pays for damage caused due to natural disaster, or due to theft, however, this type of extra coverage can be expensive, so it is advisable to skip the same. Adding collision and comprehensive coverages increase the cost of the premium, which is more than half of the total cost of a policy. 

Reduce your cost by choosing a group insurance policy.

There is a fair chance of getting a premium reduction if anyone purchases an insurance policy through a group plan from their employees, business or from other association. So, enquire with your affiliated organization for the schemes they offer. 

A good car insurance company will ensure that you don’t have to face any subsequent liability in case of any unforeseen events. Also, choose the right car insurance policy, which offers necessary covers such as third-party liability, which will save you from legal amenability arising out of damages caused to the third party. 

When you’re comparing different insurer, get proper quotes targeted to you depending upon the factors on your age, location and the car you want to buy. Getting various discounts on car insurance premium is not the only factor to opt for your plan if the rates higher to start with. Remember, you’re looking for the lowest price to save money on your car insurance, not a large number of discounts. So, there are many strategies that could easily reduce your auto insurance premium, you just need to follow some tips and choose what works best for you to have a decent deal on your savings. 


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