5Best Fundraising Ideas for Your Band

It’s needless to discuss how expensive it is playing in a band or having a child that plays in a band. Travel costs, uniforms, instruments, concerts and all, puts a financial burden on the band quite often. And the best option to relieve the weight of these expenses on the members and the parents is trying the right fundraising ideas that work.  Fundraising Zone is the best place to start when you need to raise money for band.

The truth is, raising funds is not always easy, but as just said, implementing the right ideas will make it a fun thing to do for both the band members and donors who will be assisting to raise the funds. There are strategies you can use to get out the funds you need easily from people, and you never know, maybe your band can even secure sponsorship from where you don’t expect it. It all depends on the fundraising ideas you implement. With the ideas listed here, you can have fun raising funds just like your school band does when performing.

Fundraising Ideas to Implement in Your Band

Fundraising should not only be seen as a way of generating funds for the band alone. It has a lot more benefits it can offer the members, the band as a brand, and the school at large. So the fundraising ideas below can help the students and members of the band understand the effectiveness of teamwork, create awareness about the band, advertise the school, and raise funds, among other benefits that may eventually result from it.

  1. Employ a fundraising company

Truly, you may have good ideas that can bring in funds, but that doesn’t really mean the funds will come in. It is one thing to have an idea and another thing to know how to properly and effectively implement that idea. There are fundraising companies who are experts in these areas. You can entrust your fundraising to them. And one thing to consider when choosing a fundraising company for your band is the experience they have in the business and the result of their previous deals with other bands, if you can access that.

However, hiring a fundraising company isn’t the only option your band has, because if you believe you have a team capable enough to raise the funds you need, your band can still go on about it and be successful.

  1. Giveaway sales

Giveaway sales can be done with the contributions of people you reach out to for support. You can reach out to parents, friends, fellow students, supporting organizations, neighbors, and people in the community to give out items they no longer need to your band. When you gather them, you sell them and top up your band’s account. This can serve as an alternative means of contribution for people who cannot provide cash. Get the items they are willing to offer and receive donations by seeking them out.

  1. Fundraising concerts

This definitely works, depending on the size of the crowd you are able to pull. The band should host a concert and send invitations to parents, people in the community, and other organizations where funds can come from, to give them the best of what the band can do.

Fundraising concerts help to yield great result and are one of the best ideas that should be implemented. Giving people a taste of what they are donating their money for will further interest them and make the funds come in more easily.

  1. Organize sports events in the community

Implementing the idea of sports would take the band out of what they do, but it is another productive way of raising funds. Parents and supporters of the band will be excited to see members in action in a sporting activity.

A mixture of music and sports can make it more exciting and thrilling. You can try to organize a soccer match among the members of the band.

  1. Fundraising Raffles

You can give local businesses in your band’s base the opportunity to advertise what they do during any event organized by the band. It’s actually a business idea we see every day on TV and hear on the radio. The local companies will get a chance to advertise what they do to the crowd your band manages to pull, and they donate to the band for the chance they get. This will further make your concerts and organized events special and not just about what the band has to present alone.

Fundraising ideas work greatly, and the band just can’t do without it. Start planning for your band’s fundraising campaign with these ideas, and you’ll without any doubt–raise a good amount.

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