5 Advantages of Employee Assistance Program

The corporate sector is evolving at a remarkable pace to develop a creative and productive work ambience. However, the increasing work pressure puts a mental and physical impact on the employees.

In order to address the issues of the employees, many organizations have introduced employee assistance programs, also known as EAP. Implementation of such programs has enabled a reduction in turnover rates, and increase in productivity and employee satisfaction.

With employee assistance programs there is a visible influence seen on the work front.

What Is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a wellness program that helps employees deal with their personal and professional issues that affect their work productivity. Employees can state their grievances, and a correct set of solutions are provided by the experts. It not only improves their mental well-being but also gives a boost to employee engagement level.

This counselling program offers confidential support in different matters related to physical, mental, financial, legal, etc. The list can increase depending on what the company wants to include in its EAP.


Advantages of Employee Assistance Program

  • Increased Productivity

When employees are distracted due to personal or professional problems, their productivity levels tend to turn sluggish. This impacts their motivation, creativity, and also the normal workflo.

So, organizations need to implement employee assistance programs that aim to solve their problems. Reducing these unwanted distractions elevates productivity in the workplace. A report suggests that happy people are 12% more productive.

  • Positive Work Environment

Employees feel stressed to work if the job environment is not healthy. The productivity of the employees drops significantly, and they ultimately quit the organization, which is not a good indication.


On the other hand, if your organization has a healthy work environment, employees feel less stressed out and more focused on their work. There can be many reasons behind it, and an employee assistance program is one such beneficial scheme.

  • Increased Employee Retention

A positive workplace plays a pivotal role in shaping employee retention of a company. A report by the American Health Association found that 51% of employees stay in the same company because of the positive relationship with colleagues.

Introduction of EAP solutions has been able to retain the millennials employees who feel more valued. With the necessary solutions, the turnover rates decreased considerably. This is where employee assistance programs have benefited both the employees and the employer of the organization.

  • Reduced Absenteeism

Employee well-being should be the priority for companies if they want them to be more productive. Most organizations seem to be missing out on this, making the employees feel less valued.

Sometimes, the easiest route for the employees is to skip the office frequently. To avoid such situations, organizations can implement employee assistance programs that allow raising concern. This will track down the employee problems and also automate the work process.

  • Improves Employee Morale

There are many employees who perform exceptionally well. However, their work quality deteriorates all of sudden. It might be a phase where they are struggling to lift their confidence.

This is because they might be facing certain problems in their work or personal life. In such instances, EAP assists in resolving the issues and boosting employee morale. An employee with high morale regains his lost confidence and improves his work capabilities again.

Final Thoughts

An employee assistance program is designed to ensure that employees manage their problems and stay productive. After the implementation of EAPs in workplaces, there have been a 45% increase in work-life management of the employees.

Lastly, a workplace is the second home for employees, and they should feel like giving their best performance for job accomplishment. Encash on this!


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