Which design trend matches your personality?

When you purchase your home, you want to make it a place that you feel comfortable going into and spending ample time within. From the interior to the exterior, your home will resemble you and your family. That’s why it is important to choose a design trend that matches the personality of each person who occupies the space, but, what happens if you all have different styles in mind?

One way to solve the issue is to have each person be assigned to their individual rooms and to create the home around that rooms assigned style. Here are some design trends to think about when you’re figuring out which style matches which person or space in your home.


Rustic decor often incorporates tough leather, brown hues, and open beam ceilings. Don’t get rustic decor confused for country decor as they are similar but different. Country decor adds a bit more of a vintage feel to the home whereas rustic ads a bit more masculinity.


Modern homes are the talk these days as this decor trend creates homes with simple textures, lines, lots of square statement pieces and furniture, as well as flush cupboards and doors. Many modern homes are known for being called window box homes because a lot of the homes with this style have floor to ceiling windows that create an open indoor-outdoor feel.


Victorian decor tends to be styles that incorporate all eras into one. You may have statement furniture that’s modern and also that’s older in the same room.

Whether you’re searching through online catalogs or showrooms in person, it’s important to know what style you’d like to use throughout each room in your home.

One of the best ways to understand which style is unique to your personality is to view a showroom in person and ask a designer to help you pick your unique style.

They may show you a few bathroom showrooms or even kitchen showrooms to see which elements and colors you’re drawn too and then take notes. After their analysis, they’ll be able to help you get further clarity on which decor trend is best to shop for.

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