What will attract you in sarawak?


A Malaysian state on Borneo, Sarawak, lies along the northwest coast. It also covers many beaches on the South China Sea. The three things features that make Sarawak in broadcast is because of its protected parkland, rugged and dense rainforest. The capital of the adventurous site is Kuching. It is situated on the Sarawak River. The landmark places that you will never forget once you visit them are Fort Margherita, White Rajahs, and Astana. One economical factor that makes it strong is that it has the third highest GDP among all the Malaysian states.

What do you know about top sarawak attractions?

There are several visiting places that you can clamp while you pay a visit to Sarawak:-

  1. Kuching City Highlights Walk

If you have thought that the world is short of colorful places, then move into this place, and you will find a VIBGYOR of colors here. Sarawak tours have always been fun and exciting. And, Kuching is an exotic city that blends history with a colorful palate. What you can enjoy here are the varieties of markets and bazaars, Chinese temples, colonial-era buildings, museums, mosques and plenty of statues. Apart from these structures, Rafflesia Monument in Lundu, Batu Lintang PoW Campsite Memorial in Sarawak, Sungai Apong Fishing Village makes it worthwhile to encounter nature with color essence. 

  1. National Parks

Sarawak has 25 numbers of national parks. Bako National Park is one of the smallest national parks existing in Sarawak to amaze people every single day. Beaches like Telok Pandan Besar, Telok Sibur and Telok Pandan Kecil are some unusual rock formation pouting out of the sea. Gunung Gading National Park is situated with four mountain peaks, waterfalls, dense primary forest and crystal clear streams. Niah National Park consists of complex swarming of bats with archaeological remains. 

  1. Natural Reserves

National parks can be the most exciting tours, but nature reserves can be no less than it. In Sarawak, you will get a boom of Wind Cave Nature that is extremely popular for a trip during the daytime. Fairy Cave Nature Reserve and Sama Jaya Nature Reserve calligraphy the protected areas in Sarawak. 

  1. Wildlife Sanctuaries

Sanctuaries like the Lanjak-Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary decorate the beauty of a place and so does it happens every time with Sarawak. It is the most biodiversity sanctuary in Borneo that engulfs only 10% of orangutans and other threatened plant and animal species. 

  1. Other Attractions

Sarawak Cultural Village is a museum to living ethnic groups that gives a whole new experience of dress, traditions, and homes. The cultural show that is being credentialed here is because you can be invited to the stage to join the dance or try a blowpipe. Count on beaches religiously. Sibuti Beach, Bungai, and Kala Dana are the major goals to accomplish there.

If you have just have been working back and forth in your workplace, then Sarawak tours will open up positive vibes into your immune system so that you get back to your routine life with all the energies back in place. 

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