What is Ceme Poker & How to Play the Game?

Gamblers who are familiar with the world of Poker games, know very well that they are a bit different from others. Even to this day, poker usually signifies Texas Holdem. As there are different types of pokers in the gambling world, ceme poker is one of them. Ceme pokers can be played easily on the online platform.

Introducing ceme poker

Some of the common variants of pokers are community poker, stud poker, strip poker, and draw poker. The central concept of poker games remains the same, but additional attributes differ from each. Whatever be the type, one of the standard features is, it requires betting. If you are not betting, then you’re not playing poker. Ceme poker is very similar to Domino QQ. The pattern of playing matches almost the same. A total of 28 cards are required to play the game. Each card has its own value. However, in the case of domino qq, there are altogether four domino cards, but ceme has two domino cards. The winner is based on the combined points determined by the value of those two cards.

Maximum 8 players and a minimum of 2 players can play this game. A Player and a Banker are two essential parts of the game. The players can choose any of the sides (Banker or Player). Before starting the game, each player is dealt with two cards. Once you get inside the game, understanding the rules and strategies become a lot simpler. The players can choose to check the strength of the cards they have received. After the time runs out, players need to show their cards. Now, the player with the highest card strength of points wins the game.

What is card strength?

The card strength is the total value of the cards. Each card’s value is added to discern the total strength. The values of cards start from 0 to 9, and obviously, 0 is the weakest, and nine is the strongest.

How is the winner determined?

The winner from the game is determined on a number of aspects. It has been mentioned before that there are two teams in the game. One is the Player, and the other is Banker. If any of the sides have the highest card value, the other team loses the game. However, in the case of Banker, if the game ends in a draw, Banker takes the credit and wins the game. On the contrary, if the card value of the Player ends in exact 9, two times the bet amount from the banker side has to be paid. However, in the case of banker having ended in exact 9, all players from Player side loses, and the banker wins.

Summing Up

Ceme games are one of the most popular versions of poker in the countries of Asia. It’s obvious that Texas Holdem rules the West, but extreme East is ruled by Ceme poker especially, when it comes to Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, and other neighboring nations.

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