What is a Performance Exhaust?

No matter what you drive, you want it to perform at its best. Stock components don’t always let you get the most out of your machine. If you’ve seen aftermarket Toyota Tacoma exhaust systems, you may be curious what benefits they offer. Are they just for looks, creating a louder muffler note, or do they actually give you any performance benefits? Learn the answers to these questions so you can decide whether a performance exhaust is the right choice for you.

What Makes a Performance Exhaust Different?

Most laypeople think of an exhaust exclusively as that pipe that comes out the back of your vehicle. This leads many to wonder how one exhaust can perform differently from another. Remember that most vehicles are built as a compromise to appeal to as many buyers as possible. The same feature that makes a machine faster could make it a worse commuter, making it less attractive to some drivers. In addition, most manufacturers use lower quality components to keep their prices down.

Performance parts are constructed with better materials and designed to function at higher levels. While a stock exhaust is adequate at removing spent gases from your engine, an aftermarket system does the same work more efficiently. This gets more oxygen to your combustion chamber for more power and better fuel economy. Aftermarket exhausts for cars and trucks are the most common, but it isn’t unusual to see a motorcycle performance exhaust.

What Is a Cat-Back Exhaust?

The name “cat-back” comes from the fact that this is a replacement for everything behind the catalytic converter. Nearly any part of the exhaust can be replaced, but many manufacturers choose to sell complete systems for better performance advantages, lower prices, and easier installation. Adding a cat-back exhaust is typically faster and simpler than a muffler swap, for instance, which may involve welding.

Cat-backs are different from header-back exhausts, which replace everything behind the header. While this often produces more power, it’s also less environmentally friendly. Particularly if you live in a state with strict emissions laws, a cat-back 2019 Silverado 1500 performance exhaust is a less risky option. You may have also heard the term turbo-back, which is just a header-back system for a turbocharged vehicle.

What Is a Performance Muffler?

Mufflers are a sticking point among car enthusiasts because they act as sticking points for your exhaust system. These parts exist to reduce the noise of loud engines, which they cannot do without restricting the flow of spent gases.

Aftermarket models may require cutting and welding to install, but they significantly improve the restriction in your exhaust system. Your machine gets rid of spent gases faster and often produces a louder, more aggressive muffler note. For most drivers, that’s considered to be a win-win.

Adding high-performance exhaust parts to your vehicle are an exceptional choice for nearly any driver. The potential improvements in power and gas mileage allow these components to practically pay for themselves. They are more stylish, allowing you to add a more aggressive look to your ride. Find a reputable store to help you match the best exhaust system to your machine.

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