Top 5 Signs You Need AC Repair  

Summer is right around the corner and the hot, muggy weather that comes with it. Don’t get caught going from the blazing hot outdoors into a house with broken AC. Check out these five signs that you might need Houston AC Repair.

Hot Air

The first sign you might need Houston AC Repair is the most obvious. If your vents are blowing hot or warm air you’ve got a problem. Check to make sure it’s not user errors and that your thermostat is set to both cool and a temperature a decent amount lower than the outside temp. If not, you might need to call in repairs.

Strange Noises

If you start to hear rattling, grinding or other strange noises in from you AC unit, you should call for repairs immediately. Usually, this means that a belt is loose, a part needs oiling, or there might be something caught in the works, but if you leave this one unchecked for too long it could burn out your entire AC system. At the end of the day, it’s a small cost to fix it now or a massive cost to replace it later.

Low Airflow

If your AC is working and the air is cool, but hardly anything is coming out of your vents, you may have an airflow problem. The likely culprit is ductwork. Something might have gotten loose or a hole might have formed causing your air pressure to drop. There could also be a a bad motor or clogged filter to blame.

Bad Smells

If your AC isn’t just pumping cool air, but bad odors into your home, you’ll need to call for Houston AC Repair. This one is hard to diagnose on your own. Faulty equipment could mean bacterial growth in the AC unit itself, but this could also be a sign of water damage or mildew along the ductwork.

Leaking Water

As your AC unit operates it will naturally form some condensation. This is especially true on hot and humid days. However, if water is pooling around your AC unit or dripping from your vents, you need expert help. This problem can cause water damage or even electrical fires if it becomes severe enough. Contact your local Houston AC Repair about this problem immediately if it starts to become noticeable. Be especially quick to act if the water is pooling up around the base of the AC unit as this can lead to electrical damage to the unit or possible fires.

Pay attention to these 5 signs you need AC repair and your summer days will be nice and cool!


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