The Regal Elegance of Exterior Iron Doors  

There are many reasons why you might be thinking about getting an exterior iron door. An up and coming design trend, exterior doors made of iron are something that blend well with many different types of home designs. Whether your home is old or new, fancy or simple, an iron door can really give it a sense of character and stateliness.

A Status Symbol

The front door is a major part of the first impression of your home. There is a reason that wrought iron is commonly used in places such as museums, cathedrals, government buildings and mansions. Exterior iron doors express an air of strength, blended with elegance and grandeur. When your home has an exterior iron door, it tells the world you are prosperous and exceptional.


Today’s design trends feature open, spacious floorplans. Along with this is the common desire to have lots of light flooding through the home. Exterior iron doors are designed to allow light to freely flow through them, as many have windows incorporated within them. Having windows placed beside the iron door give an even greater level of natural light. This feeling of expansiveness is right in line with the modern tastes expressed by homeowners in today’s market.


The strength of a wrought iron exterior door is unparalleled. They give greater protection against break-ins than any other type of door available today. Even if a thief were to try and use a battering ram, they won’t be able to break it down. The grillwork that is featured on an exterior iron door prevents a hand from being able to come through the door, which means you can remain safe when speaking to a stranger through your door.


Wrought iron is very sturdy and durable in nature. A quality investment, exterior iron doors will last for years, without losing their polished look or elegance. This means that exterior iron doors have the ability to withstand more situations than a standard door can. For example, physical pressure and extreme temperatures present no problems for wrought iron. A wrought iron door is designed to handle anything that Mother Nature sends its way. With that being said, be aware that these iron doors come in different gauges. It is recommended to utilize an exterior iron door that is no less than 14 gauge. On average, an exterior iron door is about 2 inches thick.


If you want a door that is far from the ordinary, go with an exterior iron door. Available in many eye-catching designs, an exterior iron door often features elaborate scroll patterns. Providing an updated look to your existing home has never been easier. When you install exterior iron doors, you gain everything and compromise nothing.


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