Poker has been around for some time now, and over decades, it has finally been made available for the average people through the online variants of it. In reality, many people believed that this game is only for the riches and only they can control the expenses which the game possesses. In general, Poker was first believed to be a pass time for those rich people, who spent money recklessly for fun. And it was also believed to be for the gamblers or underworld who could use the money they fetched from malicious activities. But the time has changed, and in this modern era, the poker is also made available for the people who are intrigued by the game but also doesn’t have that much of financial securities. The Online Poker has created a revelation in this aspect, which enables the people from all financial backgrounds to test their luck on this amazing game. Some of the key features which distinguish between the online and real pokerare:


Real poker is quite expensive to follow. The money required for expensive traveling, clothing, and shelter is too much for the average people to maintain. Thus, this most probably is focused upon the rich and privileged ones. On the other hand, the online poker experience such as the “Singapoker” is quite efficient and easily accessible from home or any other place. Thus this amounts a huge number of players from all around the world.

Low rake

In the real poker experience, even the initial bids are for millions and looking at the figures the normal people seem to get intimated by the fact and tend to believe that this game is beyond their financial abilities and thus are not influenced by it.Whereas, in the online version, the rakes are as low as you intend them to be. You can place a bet at a reasonable price as per your convenience, which makes it quite easier for the average people to try their hands on poker and feel the vibes they had always wanted to. Low rakes would also have a less burden on the customers even when the game doesn’t go there way. But the loss is a real poker game would be too much on an average earning guy.

Bonus and other benefits

In real poker, the bonus is not provided as the rich people don’t care about a few bucks and would not be too much amused by some discounted money. On the other hand, the average people are always intrigued and exciting by the offers and cut-offs as they tend to feel an emotional attachment to the provider. Thus a huge number of people are attracted by the offers and discount.

Assurance of fair play

In the real poker game, the chances of being robbed are much higher. The tricks and skills by many artistic players might baffle you, and you will lose before you could even blink. Some ill-mannered activities also happen when someone loses his/her patience and can have lethal consequences. On the other hand, online poker is completely secured, and fair play is conducted in the best possible manner, and assisting-staff helps you in figuring your queries.

Thus, online poker is much more appreciated by the lower class than the rich ones who are influenced by the riches and class that the real poker provides.

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