How UTV Tires Can Make All Difference on Your Ride

When you start thinking about super-charging your off-road experience, you’ll most likely consider your tires as the easiest route to an improved ride. Your plans for an all-round terrain tamer may also revolve around the idea that bigger tires make for a better ride. Not necessarily. There are other factors that help a UTV tire upgrade turn your machine into an all-terrain beast.

It’s not all a matter of tire size, although you can typically increase your tire size up by one or two inches. You will, however, need to keep the folks at the Department of Transportation happy if you plan on taking your vehicle out on public roads. The good news is that you can find DOT-approved UTV tires that are more than ready to take on a wide range of off-road surfaces.

UTV Tires That Offer Maximum Traction

Both your off-road and your street ride benefit from traction, which has much to do with your tires’ tread pattern. Protruding sidewall tread also makes a difference; it can get you over ruts and rocks while it affords greater puncture protection. If you plan on taking your machine over a wide range of rough terrains — such as mud, rocks, hard-pack, ruts and sand — an aggressive and well-suited tread pattern may work more to your advantage than tire size.

If, on the other hand, speed is what you seek, you may not be in need of an overly aggressive tread design. A low tire profile and a more rigid construction can provide greater stability at higher speeds. An 8-ply radial tire can provide you with enough durability to withstand demanding off-road adventures while also remaining street legal.

Maxxis Carnivore Tire Review

When you start looking for UTV tires for sale, the Maxxis Carnivore is a great choice and will enable you to easily tackle almost any kind of terrain while also remaining DOT-approved. The Carnivore will give you the durability of a rugged 8-ply radial construction that’s combined with an all-terrain surface tread pattern that can take you through some of the toughest off-road environments. In addition to conquering rocks, hardpack and desert sand, the Carnivores show an outstanding ability to withstand tread wear, even after tackling hundreds of miles of torturous terrain.

Another advantage of these highly acclaimed tires is that you can move a Maxxis Carnivore tire to the front or rear of your vehicle; all four corners are covered. You’ll only need to bring one spare along and by regularly rotating the front and rear tires, they’ll wear evenly across an entire set of four. The Maxxis Carnivore is currently available for both 15-inch and 14-inch wheels and comes in five diameter sizes ranging up to 32.3 inches.

Where You Can Find the Best UTV Tire Deals

When you’re ready to outfit your machine with new UTV tires or thinking about some nifty side by side accessories, you’re sure to find the best deals online. A reputable and industry-supporting authorized dealer will have knowledgeable customer service reps to assist you and answer your technical questions. Purchase features such as price matching, free shipping and no-hassle return programs will also help convince you that you made the right choice when you find your next set of tires online.