How to keep track of items at sold school Christmas store

When the holidays come, everyone tends to be happy. Kids jump for joy because it is Christmas. It is a time of sharing gifts and showing those around that we love them. You may be considering running a school program, but you have little or no funds to do this. We have come up with a smart means of raising funds, and that’s by running a Santa shop. We have come up with a School Christmas store ideas that can be used to your advantage. For someone that has decided to run a holiday store, some things should be kept in mind, and one of them is tracking your funds. We have come up with School Christmas store ideas to track your funds. We do not want your funds getting missing again, and that is why we have created an awesome way of tracking them.  School Holiday Shop is a fantastic resource to help with your fundraiser.

Cash Register Apps

If you use us, as your school holiday shop company, you get a cash register app free of charge from us. We are dedicated to ensuring that the running of your Santa shop is without stress.

This can go a long way to help you, as it is a School Christmas store idea.

We have seen some schools utilizing old adding machines, which at the end, make the students line up for a long time. Kids are restless, and won’t want to line up for a long time, all in the name of buying gifts. If you stress them, for even a second, they won’t mind using the money for the gifts for chocolate or popsicles.

When you use our free cash register app, it is easy to have a number of volunteers creating different checkout lines with the app. A great aspect of this is that you don’t have to pay a dime for the app.

Bar Code Stickers

To ensure that your sales prices go smoothly, we ask you if you want your prices of the gifts marked up before we ship them to you.

A lot of schools get money from their holiday shops to cater to the needs if their schools. It is a form of a fundraiser for them.

You can decide to have that mark up kept at ten to twenty percent. This can be hard for the volunteers to easily have the products marked up while trying to keep track of everything in the shop.

We have come up with a school Christmas store idea that can solve this for you. We don’t want you stressing yourselves, even for a second.

What do we do?

We ask you what you want the mark up to be for your products. When you tell us how much you want as profit, we install a bar code sticker on every gift we send to you.

To sell, you only need to have the code scanned using the free cash register app. This way, you can easily track the things that are about to be sold. Isn’t this a lot easier? Why not contact us today? We make everything easy for you, from the delivery to even the sales. We have hacks that can help you through the entire process.

Getting a custom made website portal to track your holiday shop

You can consider getting a custom made website for your Santa holiday shop in your school. It will be available for you to use every second of the day, without downtime.

It will be easier to have your merchandise tracked down.

You can easily reorder online with this website. You can track your merchandise online. You can have the merchandise invoice and supply online. Life is made easier with this. It makes the process a lot transparent for stakeholders to see. The PTA members can see it from the source, thereby reducing the chances that claims of misappropriation of funds may occur. This stops unnecessary allegations or fear from crooping up. We want your entire process to be successful, from the delivery, sales down to the teaching of sales.

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