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Engineering Talent: Staying Ahead

It is a fact that technologies change and many companies are counting on the technologies to foster new and innovative products within the market. Engineering talent is vital and engineering staffing can be challenging if a company would like to stay ahead of the competition by retaining superior engineering talent after the recruitment process. Where do companies find the very best engineering talent? It is important to stay ahead of competitors and the right engineering talent tends to lead to successful outcomes.

Obtaining Answers: Engineering Leaders Reveal

Some of the top engineering leaders are ready to reveal how to manage engineering staffing effectively. If you are interested in obtaining some valid answers about engineering talent, you will appreciate some good answers from top professionals who are ready to reveal their secrets. Quality engineering staffing is a possibility for any company when useful information is included in the search.

* Mark Wallace; the vice president and general manager of American Field Operation. This is for Keysight Technologies, Inc. in Santa Rosa, California. A global technology and market leader

* Steve Di Marco; He is the president of Tolomatic Inc. It is located in Hamel, Minnesota. This is a leading supplier of electrical actuators. It is a leader of electric linear motion control, pneumatic actuators and cylinders

* Paul Hazlit; he is the director of engineering at Servometer. Located in Cedar Grove, N.J. This company manufactures and designs bellow assemblies, metal bellows, flexible couplings, spring contacts as well as electroforms

Machine Design had assembled the above engineering leaders to provide some revealing answers about talented engineers

Meaningful Questions and Astute Answers

Question: where does your company find technically trained and educated individuals to employ as technicians and engineers?

Dimarco; we find experienced technical professionals to hire online. This is through recruiters and job postings. College recruiting for the entry-level individuals is part of our process too

Wallace; capable and skilled professionals are a vital part of our success. It is the role of our hiring manager to find and hire innovative talent with the use of an infrastructure model and a support model. Our global staffing team has the ability to find staff from several sources. This includes job postings, college grads, and social media. Our own employees have proven to be an excellent source in terms of referrals

Hazlit; we take pride in producing niche products and we need to obtain specific engineers. Our success has come from recruitment ads from newspapers. We use print ant digital platforms. We have used agencies previously and referrals too

DiMarco; we have incorporated the use of social media sites. Potential prospects are often transparent through their accounts and we intend to continue using social media platforms for our searches

Question: do you believe that recent graduates from the engineering colleges can contribute to the efforts of your company in outstanding ways? Do they lack any needed skills?

Wallace; it is common for our company to establish strong relationships with different universities. We have University Relations Programs that help us to maintain and enforce solid campus and intern hiring programs. The programs prepare prospective graduates for employment within our company

Hazlit; the new graduates are ready to manage all of their assigned tasks.There are some factors to be considered. We use caution in terms of exposure to various devices. We don’t overwhelm them with bellows technology and we expect them to think critically and have an understanding of engineering principles

DiMarco; every new hire needs time to learn our business and the products. All recent graduates come with strong engineering skills. We give them time to get accustomed to our company

Question; are most undergrads prepared or are some better equipped for real engineering roles?

DiMarco; exceptional engineering schools can be found in Minnesota technical schools. Students are given a strong foundation and many skills. We need more students in engineering

Wallace; we work with students from around the globe. We have familiarized ourselves with many institutions and have developed many strong relationships

Hazlit; some colleges place an emphasis on preparing their students for the engineering world

Question; does a PhD hold more value as compared to a bachelor degree?

Wallace; Advanced degrees are mandatory for many projects. Some are taught more advanced concepts early in their curriculum

Hazlit; an advanced degree brings a broader scope of knowledge. Master’s and PhD students need to move from theoretical and abstract concepts toward practical concepts

DiMarco; we are known to hire individuals with a broad range of experience and educational background. Mechanically inclined is necessary for all candidates

Question; which technical areas or disciplines are more difficult for candidates?

Wallace; it is harder to create a compelling value proposition in order to attract the right talent

Hazlit; we focus on mechanical aptitude and excellent problem-solving skills

DiMarco; we take our time to find the right individuals and we know that the country needs more qualified talent to choose from

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