How to design a boat deck for your shoreline

It’s important to know that no two shorelines are the same. When you’re having a custom boat deck designed and constructed, you need to consider what your needs are for that deck. Whether it’s for late-night stargazing, a launching pad for sports activities or a mooring point for your boat, know the applications.

Custom Boat Deck Applications

The main types of docks or boating decks are lift up docks, pipe docks, permanent docks and floating docks. A permanent boat deck is ideal for something who doesn’t really plan on using it. These boat decks are typically constructed using steel pilings and are available in many sizes.

A pipe dock is on legs and built using an aluminum frame with removable decking. Pipe docks are a good fit for water up to 8’ but do require a firm lack bottom.

The lift up dock is a good choice for folks on a lake where ice piles up on the shore. A suitable shoreline is needed for a lift up dock along with a hinge point. They are lifted by hooking and cranking up a winch.

Floating docks are suited to lakes with a mud bottom and deep water. They are made of plastic or steel tubes. The weight of the steel also helps from keeping the dock bouncing around.

Floating and pipe docks can be designed in a variety of shapes to accommodate large seating areas and boat slips. Just be aware that they do have to be removed in the wintertime.

Lift docks can be different shapes, such as a T or U. If a lakefront property has a large cliff behind it, a lift dock can be placed at the shore end or water end and provide a great vista of the water.


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