How to Choose the Best Dock for Your Property


With all the sunshine and pleasant weather ahead, who hasn’t thought about spending a relaxing afternoon boating, fishing, or simply relaxing from your very own backyard dock? If you haven’t started yet, now is the perfect time to start the deck planning process.

But what points will you need to consider while choosing the best deck for your property?

Choose the Right Dock Maker 

Before you decide on the type of deck that fits you best, choose a dock maker that serves your needs the best. You’ll be so glad that you did.

Choose Your Style 

Do you want a deck that’s temporary, or permanent? For boats and launching, or light fishing and tanning? Be sure that you also consider:

  • Depth of the water
  • Tide or wave levels
  • Exposure to salt or ice

Each of these three considerations will make a big difference in your planning and final material choice.

Get a Good Material 

There are three main materials often used in the construction of docks.

  • Wood is the most common and heat-resistant material used. While the threat of insect damage and repair costs may sound intimidating, wooden docks are a very safe renewable resource that never get too hot.
  • Aluminum is considered to be the most durable dock material, easily lasting for decades. This scratch and weather resistant material looks great in any yard for any purpose.
  • Plastic docks are innovative structures designed for many unique purposes. This is the most expensive material, however, and should be considered an investment.

When you’re ready to build your deck, be sure it’s everything you ever dreamed it would be.


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